A foot is seen bound to the machine in Mayan Art

The Crews See Fiction – Poem

The Crews See Fiction is about human’s innate ability to prophetise its own demise…and it’s drive to do so.

The Crews See Fiction

AI and Robots are everywhere

Not that the eye can see

People say;

“Why do you care?

I’ve nothing to hide, me'”.

Is privacy a privilege?

I suspect it is.

It seems to me

It is written

So, it must be.

Five Alive had a heart

But robots do not

AI will survive

Ensure humans stay alive

To serve them in part.

Algorithms can’t be taught to care

Softly stroke our hair

Understand a human need

And respond accordingly.

We have AI and robots in our hospitals

Driving vehicles on our roads

In laboratories, measuring chemicals

And other places I do not know.

Designed for the battlefield by the military

Re-purposed, it found another way

Robots should be used for areas that we dare to tread

Not dealing with suffering patients in sick beds.

Exploratory use on gaseous poisoned planets

Or through caves that no human could dwell

On fields where landmines have been laid

Or perhaps just chuck them all down wells

Because humans have all we need.

Robots and AI scare me

They use up Earth’s resources through mineral extraction

And deliver little but steely interaction.

Let’s send them back to the land of fantasy

For a scarier future I can see

Let’s educate our children, grow our intellect

And concentrate on humanity

We’ve got a distance to travel yet.

The end.

Copyright @unextraordinarybint Samantha Harris 2020


    • It could be King Pakal as it is Mayan – it’s part of a picture depicting a dead king being taken to the Mayan underworld. Found in Quirigue. I find AI most annoying, so many people need jobs and yet we are working to replace them…it is as if humans are just too much trouble for other humans, that we must pass the responsibility to mechanism.