Closing the Gate After the Horse has Bolted. England’s Health Strategy.

I’ve already written about watching my asthmatic daughter care for patients (with covid19 symptoms)  in the community after being discharged from NHS hospitals.

The discharged patients were ill with coughs, had antivirals in their fridges but hadn’t been tested for covid19 so were deemed safe. The doctors who discharged them into their homes away from the precious hospitals, knew they had to have daily carers.

Carers were not permitted to wear personal protective equipment as some of the patients had dementia and it was deemed too scary for them.

Tens of thousands of care home patients have died. Hundreds of health care workers have died. Social care is on the agenda again politically – but they are still only discussing care homes and not people being cared for in their own homes. But I have noticed the BBC longing out the news stories. Disgusting.

The virus has passed through our community and devastated it, our government has now decided to start testing…and the news yesterday that there were no new cases of covid19 in London was no surprise to me as it’s gone through us already and is now travelling up the country…common sense seems to have never been a strong Tory skill.

Our government made no attempt to stop transmission when it mattered, at the start.

The strategy to protect the hospitals while throwing out the patients has to be the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever witnessed – but was it politics or our health care system?

It seems the politicians were led by the science. The science is led by the doctors.

If any of my other articles on our NHS have gotten anywhere near the truth this was just another way to cause division and give preferential treatments.

I will continue to accuse the NHS of being an internal security problem to anyone who will listen.

It’s primed towards making money and will please whomever it needs to. It has genetic banks, racist policies, dangerous record management, it is harvesting information from patients to sell, it’s interest is mainly data collection.  There are many foreign doctors with commercial interests in their original countries, especially Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.  As many of NHS doctors and heads of dept. are foreign, it’s impossible to monitor.

It’s a corrupt system of check boxes and data collection for pharma, government and foreign interests with a side line in patient care.

These dept heads hand down the policies to the nursing staff, health care workers and doctors who work under the NHS systems. They try their hardest to do the right thing and do their jobs within the guidelines set to them.

Giant charities swallow funds, like The Kings Fund for spurious research and more money is spent in administration, training students and policy than on patients care. It’s become a giant, munching machine.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood in front of us and said if we lose 20,000 people to corona virus it would be a good result. It made me feel sick listening to him. Knowing that if he wanted to he could stop corona virus coming into our island.

The policies he came out with showed he’d spent time working out how to save businesses and banks but little on saving lives…why was our country left open when as an island we could have locked down and started the track and trace? It’s been five months since we knew there was a killer virus.

We now in the third week of May 2020 and are at 44,000 corona virus deaths. National Office of Statistics figures showing on average 50 babies each week died during the peak of the outbreak.

The news that the government has now started testing is a slap in the face.

However, should we have another wave of corona virus deaths, at least they will have the capacity to deal with it.

Thanks for reading.

Ah, I have to add something.

I do fear another covid19 wave, as I live near an ambulance unit and can tell you that they are very busy today. Unfortunately that is usually an indicator of high death figures tomorrow.

Please stay safe and look to herbal medicine to keep viruses at bay…something like Mugwort the Chinese say.

Lots of lots hot drinks help force viruses down from the throat into the stomach rather than into the lungs… In the stomach the viruses should be killed by the acids.

If it gets out of hand and you have to go into hospital make sure you have written down your details and medical conditions before going into A&E as they are not able to access them in NHS hospitals until you get taken up on a ward…be safe.

Peace and Love







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  1. It does seem that no government, or agency, has done this well. Between the paucity of information and the outright apathy of the individuals and small business, it’s shocking to see what has unfolded. Thank you for your advice and keep well!