59,537 UK Deaths, Covid19

Almost 60,000 extra deaths have been recorded in the UK throughout this pandemic.

This comparison of deaths over the last five years is probably the safest figure, one which can be trusted. It is gathered by the FT. All my sources are listed below for clarity and reference. The graphic above is from UK Government dept. National Office of Statistics downloaded in April 2020.

The British government admit to 38,000 covid19 deaths at the end of May 2020. The difference is thought to be those unable to get a covid19 test, traffic accident victims, other accidents, domestic violence, murders, suicides and other illnesses who left it too late or were unable to get help because of Covid19 restrictions.

England is small, in parts it’s densely populated, but tiny compared to the USA, I am now personally horrified at what is currently unfolding there. As humans beings we were horrified at what happened in Wuhan in January. As Europeans we were sickened with worry about deaths in Europe, especially the huge death rate in Italy in February 2020.

In February and early March many of us were physically sick. Our children were sick and our grandchildren were sick but there was no corona virus testing in our communities and hospitals…unless you’d recently returned from China.

Now its June 2020, we’ve had 60,000 extra deaths and our government is slapping itself on the back as it’s now opening covid19 testing for ordinary people who have symptoms.  The governments news that it will be starting a track and trace application…which should be up and running by the end of the month…falls on a disillusioned and mostly recovered country. After all these are still swab tests…not blood tests.

England is most certainly reeling from what has happened. Many people are coming to terms with losing loved ones far too soon. As a population we are mortified. We are stunned at the thousands of elderly people, who fought for us during world wars, who were thrown under the Covid19 bus.  We are shocked at the large amount of our medical staff who have died and disproportionately huge amount of men.

The lockdown which our Government declared mid March was embarrassingly late and then publicly broken by ministers. Their misdemeanours were splashed over the media. Members of Parliament on both sides of political divide were caught cheating the lockdown rules, yet none of ruling Conservative Party have resigned. This has led to wide spread distrust of their moral fibre.

Boris Johnson, who leads the current UK Conservative government, is insisting no wrong doing in either case. Denial of his minister’s behaviour or that they locked down our country too late is done with no remorse and is rather frightening to continue to hear…when questioned the Government tell us to ‘watch our tone’.

The Conservative Party continue to insist they ‘followed the science’.  However, they seriously failed to follow the science and what was happening around them. They failed to see what was unfolding in China and then in Europe.

They also failed to follow their own eyes and ears.  I’d say they failed to follow their common sense but that is often beyond control – or is it? If they were stupid, would it be more excusable? If you did vote for them would you admit it?

Corona virus (covid19) is a killer, it was a killer from the start in December 2019. China warned us 2nd January 2020 and rather than listen and prepare for the pandemic or stop it’s transmission to our country, our government gambled with our lives.

Let’s hope, like it does appear, that covid19 is flu like and has pissed off for now. Let’s hope it doesn’t mutate throughout the next few months and come back at any stage. And, then let’s also hope that if it does, it returns with less fatal consequences.

Our government is keen to release lockdown, it’s keen to ‘follow the science’. Although the science has not been presented. This science, which they are following, seems suggest its safe to open some schools and send the primary aged children back.

Thankfully our government will not be using the usual fine system for children not attending. It will be left to the parents to decide. 

There is the threat from medical professionals that the vaccine programs may have to go elsewhere…there are not enough infections in the community presently. They write that  they are chasing epidemic hot spots within the UK but are not finding enough for their experimental covid19 vaccines.

That would be a shame,  thousands of people here in the UK have volunteered up their arm (and risked their health) for free to help find a vaccine.

Our Government will not, as yet, declare that any successful vaccine developed will be available patent free. The Chinese do appear to be closer to a final product which will be available patent free – the details will be made available publicly for other countries to make their own version of it.