Black and Brown Privilege in the UK


A lot of people are not going to like this…

Everyone else is going on about racism against black and minority groups…white people are a minority in America…so ‘who, what and where’ all got a lot more complicated.

America had a black president…how could that possibly happen in the country that is being portrayed by the press constantly as being so racist towards blacks? And he served two terms…

If you want change, vote for it, don’t riot.

Let’s talk about discrimination in the United Kingdom. The racism which I see in our health policies and in our media every single day bombarding the population with destructive news is ruining our country and making people depressed.

Today, in main national media news, we are told that black and south Asian(brown) people are more likely to die from covid19 in the United Kingdom…again this story keeps coming up without any evidence.

We didn’t rise up in defence of some crook who got killed by the police when he was arrested. I watched it as it happened. Saw the full footage on Facebook. To be honest, horrified, I just sat here and waited for the authorities to arrest the police which they did after firing them from their jobs.

Within moments an edited version of the video was flying around the internet and everyone, everyone was horrified. Within moments I watched the footage of the same policeman shoot two unarmed white Brits. Why was he on the streets…thankfully black lives matter enough or more, so that this nasty policeman is finally stopped.

But it wasn’t enough…the press wanted blood and they got it. America in flames.

My terminology – In the UK the ethnic grouping South Asian is generally brown skinned people from Afghanistan, Indonesia, India or Pakistan. I’m using brown and black as descriptive terms same as white is a descriptor for me within our administration.

The news that covid19 would somehow affect others worse than white people just in England didn’t surprise me. The same way that, in England, diabetes, obesity and heart disease are also seen as not affecting white people as much or as hard. In London resources are spent on who shouts loudest and tells the best lies. These spurious reports and news articles just aid fraud.

Having looked at the figures, from the NOS, I’ve said I doubt the truthfulness of the press but as not all the figures are available to view, so I’ll just try and GUESS what they are implying by running this (LIE) story about covid19 sufferers being non white:

White British people are genetically more capable of fighting off covid19 than white people in other countries?

White British people are stronger than black, brown people and foreign white people as they are less prone to diabetes, rickets, heart disease and therefore any corona virus that hits the island?

Or, perhaps they’re suggesting that ‘white people’ are knocking off black and brown people in NHS hospitals?

Or is it that the corona virus outbreak was designed genetically to just attack black and brown people by white british people??? It must annoy the press that white people get ill at all from covid19…after all Boris made the news when he got it, I jest.

What is our media doing and why?

For me, journalist lost their way some time ago. The constant muddling up of data between UK and US…tarring us all with the same brush. And not a truthful brush.

I find myself constantly triggered by the need to defend myself against the onslaught of negativity about white people being racist. Britain being accused of being racist makes my blood boil.

Ever since I was a little kid…the constant clawing at my emotional wellbeing being told because of my skin I am evil, I have no right to be annoyed if a black or brown person hurts me because that is what whites deserve.

Because I’m white I’ve got to suck it up and move on…so in my measure that means, so does everyone else. Equality right?

However, the reality is, none of us can move on. Because anyone can beat a stick because we let them.. by being uneducated about our past.

I verbally fight my corner but the onslaught is becoming too constant…the ignorance against whites is building and because many whites believe, for whatever reason, ‘we deserve it’ they do nothing.

Well Britain isn’t racist. Most of our hospital staff are foreign or non UK white british…so when black and browns go into hospital they are most likely being treated by black and browns as most of our docs are South Asian…amongst the white docs there are eastern Europeans, American, Russians, Ukrainians and Chinese doctors here, they train all here and often go into the NHS hospitals as junior doctors.

Most UK white brits are unlikely to afford medical school.

Regarding the plight of black and browns being more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease etc…there is no scientific evidence to back this up. None, the NHS did a private little study with no controls, of twenty people and from the results of that they changed all the treatment criteria and test thresholds.

There is one large study done in America which does declare a slight rise for one race in heart disease. The Americans call them Asian…we call them Chinese. Yet the NHS still uses this data to give preferential treatments to a ethnic grouping we call ‘South Asian’ basically funds which should be going to stop the rise in deaths from heart disease of Han Chinese is going to ‘brown people’ because of this.

Our NHS is racist …the doctors in place perhaps aren’t so capable as Dr Peter Duffy was fired from his job for saying…bad doctors are bad doctors regardless of where they come from. We should not protect them just because of their race.

England has had a huge amount of deaths during this pandemic.

We don’t need race riots on top…regardless of how much the pharma companies are paying the journalists to stir up trouble and get people out on the streets…stay calm and stay home.

Most people are not racist. Most people see each other as human…we just live with discriminative strategies designed to divide us.













  1. Racism, in my mind, doesn’t even have a definition. To call someone else a “racist” is simply like what the media does, to cover up the truth.

    The truth rarely fits in with what can soothe people’s minds. Of all that is “shocking” within the realm of sensationalism in the news, there would be nothing so shocking as the immediate report on the truth. Yet, it would not be long-lasting. It would be like the shock of being shot through the skull.

    Truth is much like the form of a human, or the form of any animal. As temporary to live, to then return to dust. That means that were the news to “report on the truth”, it’d not be as “empowering” as one would like. It’d more-so be enlightening. It is a fact now that the media would like to prolong that “shock” factor, enough so that it becomes eternal, not based on an instant.

    What I’m meaning is that by creating falsehoods within the media, based on “eternal sensationalism”, they involve a psychological pattern of trust. It is because a lie is always easy to embrace, not so much the truth.

    They create this trust, again, by implementing this “shock” factor so that it is more long-lasting over the truth that would merely scare someone into a stillness. It is almost like the media drives society and culture, enough so that nothing becomes realized in a moment of actual brain function.

    So… by creating trust in the media, there is that “eternal” factor that places itself with love. We love the media, just like we trust our family members who we love. Though, if we were to find out the truth of the media, we’d finally feel betrayed for what we trusted to always be familiar to us.

    I once heard that the media is much like fast food. No one ever expects a different flavor of material, because it always tastes good. Just like the fast food will never change its recipe, because people will keep coming back for more.

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    1. If what you say is true and the evidence does appear to show it to be, then I weep for what is lost. How sad to see a wonderful resource like the ‘news’ be mangled. I have faith in humans. With the internet being available I still dream of common values drawing people closer. Yes, racism is something we all deal with. It is discrimination which is a problem. Being able to have access to the same facilities and services..regardless of the colour of your skin. ..this is something I will continue to fight for.

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  2. An excellent post. The media and politicians in the US always use race and abortion to gin up the voters for the election. The facts that they put out are mostly fiction. For example, the US is a racist country? From 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by other African Americans. (taken from national review) Do they report on this? No, because the truth is not what they’re looking for. They’re in the business of creating narratives that fit their ideology. So frustrating.

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    1. Thank you. I felt brave. Yes, the narrative in the UK is just to hurt the country – as if it isn’t suffering enough. Over this weekend twenty seven police officers have been injured…very sad. We are not a society which discriminates against non whites. I hate being told constantly by the media and on social media that I am ‘special’… I could tell them stories of black and brown racism which would make peoples’ toes curl but where does that get us? I wish it would all calm down. However, I’m not the type to shy away from a argument. I enjoy the banter on youtube etc but am very aware that these people are after white blood…firm in the belief that we all deserving of the hatred. The amount of times I get told to get educated as if I don’t know about my own history.. The slavery thing gets me really going…like African people were the only ones enslaved. They never mention transportation, white servitude or white cargo…it’s like they don’t know their history. I like to drop in Niger in Africa only outlawing slavery in 2003 and because of white people forcing them to do so.


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