93 Litres of Tears – Poem

Every day alive I’ve cried

Between both eyes

Five millilitres a day

That’s historical crying done

Three hundred and sixty five of them

Over years of fifty one.


Ninety three litres of salty emotion

Flowing back into our oceans

I know I’m not alone

I feel people’s love to my bones

Faithful we continue to be

Regardless of all we see


The End

by Samantha “unextraordinarybint’ Harris

Self explanatory poem about how much fluid has left my eyes in the form of tears over my life time. The current tragedy of Covid19 in my country and others around the world making me especially sad…the distraction tactics of our press and greediness of our governments to keep power, the determination of others to destroy perceived threats and real threats, tears for those who protect us, tears for those who have lost loved ones and tears for my own loss.