Journalists With No Name – BBC

The level of journalism coming from the multi million monopoly the British Broadcasting Corporation is really starting to claw.  I live in Britain and the population must pay for this shitty broadcaster.

We can be thrown in jail for not paying our TV licences, or gain a heavy fine.

Many of us recognise when the media is attempting to trigger our behaviour rather than to give us news. Many of us must limit our daily dose of news for our own sanity.

Yesterday’s further attempt to sow division in our country didn’t go unnoticed…it’s like they think the public is stupid. Although we are all pleased when a missing child’s parents find some closure.

Often the stories are faceless and nameless.. a so called public community service that can give us agenda driven dribble. State TV?

They are intermittently putting out really bad press. It’s like the deaths from a killer virus aren’t enough…when many of us were trying to raise awareness of unreported deaths in our care homes and community the BBC were not interested.

This one from 12th April 2020 . It’s by Rianna Croxford the Community affairs correspondent, BBC News. States – very early on in the pandemic – that there is emerging evidence that minorities are more likely to be hospitalized.

It goes on to tell us that Labour is calling for an investigation into it – it quotes population figures from 2011.

From, from 7th May 2020 – the BBC stated ‘blacks were more likely to die’.

Again according to 2011 population figures.

Being more likely to die and being more likely to be hospitalized are two different things. I got to look at the National Office of Statistic figures and screen shot it and have it on my blog.

It very clearly shows men over 65 were the largest demographic dying which white men were doing in their thousands and minorities were doing in their hundreds. Being obese was the overall biggest indicator for death from covid19 if you were unlucky enough to get it regardless of race.

The missing white girl story came through yesterday amongst hundreds of articles about the protests against racism in America after the Floyd murder. Our screens literary went from being all about black news stories to all about missing white girl…

Antifa and BLM groups must have been livid. The BBC did report that our police here in the UK were taking the knee at English and Scottish protests and the lack of violence here in the UK was news.

The BBC need to become a lot more responsible with their stories and I’d like to see the name of the authors…they are quick enough to come out and tell people not to read the internet because it’s full of untruths…well it takes a liar to know a liar.


Peace and love to all..









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