Working Class Zero – Poem

Comrades, they’d say, listen

We’ll show you the way

Turn up, fight the cause

We’ll make lots of noise


Things happened at Hackney Downs

An unspoken part of history now

Secreted away before Tony Blair’s’ day

For New Labour to make way


Denials of rape came from their bowels

Apparently, lesbians don’t have clouds

Sexual assault on committee members

Swept under the carpet, but I remember


They were challenged at the time

Scheduled, listened and ignored the crimes

Made order of unequal ways

Without answers, questions live to be asked another day


So, a working class zero

I turned out to be, academic with no university

I look to Labour to represent me

But their eyes look away vacantly


The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris



Comment on (Militant) Labour’s Conservative Tendencies –

I had a friend, she was lesbian. She had a relationship with a committee member of Militant Labour. She raped her lover during a domestic violence incident. The police were not involved by choice of the victim.

The rapist, the old friend, wanted to deal with what had happened. Wanted to discuss how domestic violence was not just about aggressive men…how society’s pressures could force anyone into that situation and how in her own childhood she’d been sexually assaulted and whether there was a correlation.

It was 1989 I think. Rape within a gay relationship was not accepted by Militant labour…  in their ideology women couldn’t be aggressors. Perhaps people still feel the same way…it was discussed and then shelved.

There were by elections in Edmonton. A nominated male committee member we’d been canvassing for had been accused of rape by a female member of the collective but as the elections were so close the victim was pressured into agreeing that it would dealt with later…for the greater good.

It never was. Those times are history.

Labour is not Militant Labour now. I’m unsure as to when they lost the New Labour title.

Now, what do Labour stand for? I see them arguing for things which rarely affect me. We had equality but Tories are giving pieces away bit by bit – see my housing policy articles and NHS health articles. Why don’t Labour stand up for these rights?

Why aren’t Labour taking Tories to town over the cannabis scandal here? Ministers with shares in medical companies selling cannabis to the world are voting for it still to be illegal for us poor peasants.

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about increased awareness and protection of our children because of the sex exploitation, servitude and slavery in our country. 

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about protecting our education system.

Neither Labour or Conservatives are talking about the increased murders and random stabbings, hit and runs and rising crime rates of UK citizens.

Let’s bring it back home. We need you.

Labour please sort out your closet.

Thanks for reading.

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