My Special Tin – Poem

Sometimes in life, I don’t know where to begin

No matter how hard I try, depression seeps in

Arguing with consciousness, anxiousness, figure fatigue

It’s beginning to become the new normality


Also, in life, I’m often missing the point

Seems like everyone is shouting and pushing

I dream to withdraw, grab my tin, make a joint

It’s not even a tin, but that’s an historical thing


Of course, it would be therapeutic…

What else could it be?

It’s hardly social, trapped home as a criminal, is where I’d be

Cannabis being illegal in my country


Privately grown and worldwide exported, but only medically.

Unless you’re a Minister, Doctor or other licensed sinister

Peasants just aren’t deemed ‘worthy’

Basically, it’s not allowed to be used by the working class family


So, let’s shout out for equality

What’s right for others should be right for me.

I call for drugs to be decriminalised

Let the police concentrate on saving lives.


The End

By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris

A country who decriminalised in Europe 15 years ago.

The link above is about Portugal. Users are rarely given prison time, instead they have a community care role towards the user to ensure abuse is kept to a minimum.

They are not alone, many countries and some states in USA have now decriminalised cannabis. England exports to them but doesn’t allow it’s own population to partake.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on whether you think drugs should be decriminalised or if you like the poem. I love to know what others think.


  1. My state has legalized weed. I used it when I was in my teens, and haven’t tried it in years. I went to the dispensary a few months back and purchased some. It was a strange experience! I still felt that I was doing something illegal. Anyway, I don’t use it all of the time, but I do find its impact on pain to be wonderful, and I don’t feel anywhere as sluggish as I do if I drink alcohol.

  2. I don’t mind marijuana being legal … it is a natural substance… used for centuries, and has medicinal properties.

    Having said that, as with anything – moderation and also there are issues if misused. Just like with anything else

    People glorify alcohol … which I don’t like. I feel like alcohol is worse.

    I am in California – we have stores here… it is legal here. We don’t really have issues ? None that I am aware of?

    Anyway… I don’t have issues with it.

    But other drugs – yes I have issues. I do not want heavy drugs legal, I do not know of any other drug that would be ok being legal. The rest are bad and destroy lives.