National Health System Abuse is Sickening

The United Kingdom has a National Health Service. It has many professional, caring doctors from all over the world working within it. However, due to our trusting nature it is often a victim of fraud. Fake doctors and nurses are an increasing problem.

An African doctor, whose family came from Zimbabwe to England, had a GP practice in Nottingham for fifteen years. He earnt over £100,000 a year from the National Health Service. He resigned before a report into his practise was due to be released by the Quality Care Commission into his clinic.

Dr. Sylvester Nyatsuro is accused of not following safety procedures with patients and purposefully employing unqualified staff as doctors. They had 4500 patients.

This dishonourable Doctor sold up and skipped to Zimbabwe before he could be held accountable for what he did to his patients. There are no current plans to force Zimbabwe to send him back here to face charges regarding the NHS fraud.

As when he was here, Doctor Nyatsuro used UK laws to claim land in Africa was his.

He arranged for armed men to evict the resident farmers. The timing of the UK inspection was close so Sylvester just abandoned everything here in England and fled. Leaving his patients, the investigation and his real estate behind which went into administration.

Now, the ex-NHS Doctor Sylvester Nyatsuro, is a farmer. I wonder who will be checking his farming credentials?

There is some comfort in that an apple (I’m imagining apples) can’t leave behind a family who complain after their loved one died. Doctor Nyatsuro, do you miss the pleasure of listening to people complaining of pain, knowing it was in your power to alleviate and then choosing to dismiss them? Do you miss your prescription pad after you have been toiling in the fields’?

Using AK47s to force farmers off the land they’d held for over thirty years, he has no need of ‘caring doctor attitudes’. Dr Nyatsuro felt no remorse for the resident farmers, who had been working the farm. They were put on the streets, apparently he gave them enough time to grab a handful of belongings.

But, let’s talk about our National Health System, our great British institution. The training moto of the National Health Service is:

‘It doesn’t have to be perfect’ .

Well, this moto has really taken seed. It isn’t perfect. Far from it. No one wants to say it, do they? No one wants to talk about the identity politics within the NHS.

It appears to be easy to be a fake doctor in the NHS – else how did Sylvester get away with it for so long? I mean we do have QCC inspections, checks and a ‘voluntary’ complaints system. But, Doctor Sylvester Nyatsuro was part of those institutions. He was a member of the Public Health administration for the county and sat in on QCC meetings.

He got away with it because no one listens to ‘certain’ patients. No one. I have two complaints about British hospitals currently being ignored probably because I’m being deemed spoilt and racist. Further still, my points raised about segregation and medicine by genetics are also ignored. “Patients should be cared for in an environment which they feel comfortable” is the term used to justify segregation.

There are so many laws protecting doctors in our NHS but there are few protecting the patients that are upheld. If we, as patients, dare to say something which questions a doctor or nursing staff we are called silly, racist or paranoid…just think about that.

This fake doctor practised for fifteen years and brought in other fakes to work in his practice. How would you feel if a relative had died because they weren’t referred? Or, you were referred to a fake doctor? Or, if you had been treated by his fake doctor friends  for your breast pain or period problems? Not to mention male patients having a prostate examinations done or medical examinations of children and so on.

Lots of people did not get the treatment they deserved. Many people were sexually assaulted as the staff were not unqualified to do the medical internals. How many disabled Department Work and Pensions Department claims were put through for unworthy patients? How many deserving patients were discriminated against and made to suffer without support or disabled benefit help we’ll never know. Passport signings?….Doctors references open many professional and funding doors.

Apparently fake doctors are not rare…as this story from the Telegraph shows. I don’t want to scare people but we should talk about this and the NHS should have a much better complaints system. The voluntary service complaints system run by most hospitals is not fit for purpose. There should be an official complaints system like any other business has and someone with teeth for it to be held accountable to.

In all parts of the health service we find these fakes. But – and I cannot stress this enough – only if they are caught through paperwork…rarely by complaint. The NHS and the QCC both claiming, in the case of this fake mental health doctor caught, that all checks were done. If that was the case there is something wrong. It needs a public enquiry.

I love the concept of the NHS. I love every real doctor and real nurse working on our wards. These doctors have done the time; earnt their title and privilege. I appreciate all that doctors do but when a patient waves a flag they should be listened to.

I wanted to leave this on a good note but I can find nothing about the NHS increasing it’s security regarding doctors qualifications. I think you’d be very unlucky to get a fake doctor yourself but if you did, where would you go? After all this Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro looks harmless enough trustworthy.

We do want to trust our doctors. We want good health.  We want to believe that they are doing the best for us and our families. Recent books, written by doctors who have whistleblown, highlight the bad and down right dangerous practices going on in our hospitals. They need to be read by people going into a NHS hospital so you really can make an ‘informed choice’.


Thanks for reading.



  1. That man is an incredibly awful human being. I’m not familiar with the NHS, but we still have private insurance here in the US. I know that my doctor has to list her credentials online, with her experience and what school she had attended. All of that is searchable and verifiable. I cannot understand how the medical profession would engage in identity politics, but sadly, I’m not very surprised, either. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you for your comment. Looking at the stats the countries, such as mine, with national health service have not done so well with the covid19 outbreak. UK, Brazil and Italy all having free flu vaccine programs. but have suffered largest losses per capita. Perhaps there is something to be said for private health care!