The word racist is misused.

Black Lives Matter During Corona Virus

There are so many interesting things going on in our worlds right now.

A deadly virus called corona virus called covid19 somehow managed to cause thousands of deaths in my country and many people are arguing over how.

Our government, for the sake of our safety, rather too late to be of any real benefit, but with good intentions, locked down our societies to stop the spread of the transmissions.

During the lockdown, over in America, a man who had committed some terrible crimes in his past was being reported to the police for passing over a fake $20 in a local store, The store owner was unable to tackle the criminal himself as he was known to be violent and appeared to be under the influence of something.

The store owner, already out of pocket because of the $20 note, called the police. One of the attending officers was already known to have used deadly force on another man a few years earlier. This policeman’s previous victim was without colour and without a criminal record.

Unfortunately, the crook died after resisting arrest – the policeman again being over forceful and killed him.

What happened when the police came to arrest this crook I hope will be forgotten for ever. I’m not going to say either of their names. The policeman should never have been still in his job. If lives mattered he wouldn’t have been.

These sort of crooks and bad policemen to not deserve to be remembered. In the same way the slave trader Colson wasn’t remembered with honour. His statue was thrown into the river by the black lives matter movement. Now a hidden in the sea but it doesn’t change things.

A crook in America was killed and the world rallied for him because lots of money went towards that to happen. The blm movement spread faster than covid19 around the globe.

Then, it happened…in the middle of this covid19 pandemic, black lives matter, who do no justice to black lives, destroyed towns and cities across America with protests about the crooks death and caused many more deaths, directly through violence and indirectly through covid19 transmission.

Black lives matter say it’s all justifiable…well it isn’t, that is a rubbish argument.

You see your racism makes you think black people are oppressed as a race when they aren’t.  You are probably the kind of person who would be surprised to find sky scrapers in Africa. Your racism sees black people as poor and impoverished as a blanket fact. Now, I don’t see black people like that. I see each of them as individuals. Some oppressed and others definitely not.

Yes, of course black lives matter, as do white, brown and all the shades in between but that would never be enough for this movement. It was never going to be enough because this isn’t about black lives, this is about trade. Tear down our systems, make target countries weak and then drain what is left through poor desperate trade deals.

Supporting any slogan like ‘lives matter’ is good…put a colour in front of those words and you are being racist. One of the most maddening things about this group is how long they’ve been planning and plotting this ‘forced white guilt’ across the globe…so many depressed people being fed lies by our TV, media channels and health centres.

Black lives matter take no responsibility for Africa’s part in the slave trade and have spent a long time mis-educating people in America in their black only colleges and ignoring black on white crime in the media. The UK has similar problem with the increased amount of faith schools, family funded and business academy education.

The fact that many of the American black colleges now have to allow white students to help pay for the education of others is how some of this miseducation has come to light.

Some facts that any one supporting blm should know;

It was Canada and Great Britain which stopped the slave trade. Our battleships stood off the coast of Africa and forced them to stop selling their peoples…we didn’t succeed fully.

The last African country to stop slavery was this century in 2003 in Niger, north Africa.

The most enslaved people right now are white. Check out the trafficking figures.

So, my story is that I’ve been writing about discrimination within the housing policies and health policies towards Europeans and UK white born people for the last year, I know that racism does exist but it is very much aimed towards white people within our administrative systems…perhaps that is why is does sometimes spill out on to individuals in our communities as we watch them skip through the queue.

I’ve been a victim of racism by black british people and it’s about time we started talking about it…or, are we in England going to take the same stance as the Americans and let this thing get out of hand, pretending that the black lives matter cause is serious.

Time for the black lives matter movement to state what it is they really want.

For me, I like my country, I don’t want changes and any more segregation. I think the segregation we currently have is wrong and discriminative. I don’t think people should have a right to a special place where no whites are allowed…that is racist.

I think all vaccines should be available to all children. For example TB is rife within our communities but only people arriving from other countries or people of colour get tested or vaccines – our children have the right to be protected too.

I’d like a return to real equality which means my life matters as much as someone of colour within policies and health.

I would also like to see all schools be inspected and university’s to ensure this type of radical education and misinformation is stamped out before it gets worse than it is.

Simple truths, the bbc insisted that black lives were more likely to die from covid19 – although this is not true, however the bbc also supported blacklivesmatter to break the lock down and increase transmission of covid19…hypercritical or what?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Samantha! Thanks for the follow and a special thanks for seeing and reporting on truth or how it’s being replaced with outright lies throughout; by many nefarious even diabolical characters with a very willing MSM propaganda machine the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the WWII Nazi Party’s hate machine directed by Goebbels swept across Germany but that effort pales in comparison to this instrument of hate and population control! This should clearly be scary people straight from their own personal bad habits, laziness or stupidity in some cases; that a sinister plan is underway to accomplish what some have tried and failed to do in the past but now see the opportunity is ripe to seize control of the entire planet and along the way to amass unimaginable quantities of personal wealth and power; totalitarian power. Not unlike the sort depicted in George Orwell’s 1984. The masses are being manipulated and like so many cattle prodded to conform to the plan which is well underway, which will have people give up their civil, constitutional and ultimately human rights, to become nothing more than the beasts that we slaughter each day for commercial purposes and consumption. Sorry I paint a dark picture but I see the human race being pushed to the brink of the precipice and none of the potential outcomes is pretty. I’d love to be wrong, but, time and experience have taught me otherwise, unless of course many key players have a sudden change of heart or their epiphany to be scared straight and seek the light of God’s truth and turn their nefarious efforts into benevolent behavior, sort of weapons into plowshares analogy. Very good blog and this article which helps calibrate the reality of what people need to recognize is happening and how time is running out! God bless.

    • I re-read your comment and read some of your posts. I believe that there are PR companies like the one The Gupta Brothers ran in London, called Bell Pottinger, attempting to cause division like they do whenever the smoke needs to be pulled over our eyes…who knows why. It is difficult, if you are religious, to allow yourself to imagine that the world is not going to end and that we are not about to be plummeted into a biblical event – but let’s be frank, men are just as evil and devious as gods – words are written by man. Why can’t I like any of your posts btw? Thank you so much for your comment.

      • Some interesting info there about the PR firms worth investigating to find more Truth.
        Let me be candid with you; do you actually think sometimes how what we know in reality as mere little human creatures doing our thing on planet earth in the vastness of the unknown doesn’t amount to diddly-squat in actual comparison of what there is to know it’s akin to a fruit fly peering out into the solar system even though from Mt. Everest the highest point on the surface of the earth but no matter the fruit fly is at a complete loss to touch the stars or begin to fathom the unknown. That said, the historical record and story of Jesus Christ has many correlating factors that point to something extraordinary and miraculous having absolutely occurred and nobody else can lay claim to having been who Jesus said He was and what He did. That statement may put me at odds with many so-called free thinkers in the human race who think they have a leg up their own miniscule lives let alone the vast unknown.
        I can’t say it better than Einstein did here! “The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.”
        -Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science”
        By that one statement from sheer genius beyond the capabilities of most humans he does point to the inescapable fact and truth that God must exist.
        To me this is even a confirmation of sorts that my personal view and understanding of this existence and my own life does have its true meaning in one place only, the Creator, God the Almighty all-knowing omnipotent reality which I want to meet and be with for eternity! So, my pathway to that has been provided by Jesus Christ who addressed this mystery in a stark and profound way that nothing else can match or exceed at all. Not science, not any imagination nor worldly powers of other people, nothing even scratches the surface of addressing the incomprehensible satisfactorily to any degree that matters.
        As to God’s I see how there is no plural conceptualization of such things that makes any sense at all, because for absolute Truth to exist which I believe it does it would not be vying with itself or have to check in with other God’s merely a higher level of what we stupid humans do playing kings and queens of the earth and who can tell who they want what to do and how to do it. Evil is in men and women because imperfection and failure runs rampant in this conflicted state of being. Humans today more than ever in my eyes are more morally bankrupt than ever so that tells me things are getting much worse and they will continue to until they blow it all to kingdom come! Now the God reality comes into the equation and I do see how it fits together precisely as to the inevitable is just that but God is the final WORD in all things and will make certain the net result adds up to what it ultimately should be and that is God’s will or absolute perfection at work not our foolish on our high horses stupidity like the fruit fly trying to defy the immense reality that it has no clue about other than being a fruit fly at the top of Mt. Everest! As to not liking what I write that is neither here nor there and to be quite frank I really don’t give a hoot what you or anyone thinks about my writing because it’s not a popularity contest which I have absolutely no use for, or is it a job to me, it’s only something I can do, and, so I do it to say what’s on my mind in the way I see fit at the moment. Articulating my thoughts verbally or in writing is the most profound thing that I can do, so I do it without hesitation. And look around at the completely ruinous job the human race is doing whether it’s the agenda of a country or group of them coupled with some very nefarious wealthy individuals, the outcome is obviously a bad one, because as you said people are evil or capable of being such and many exercise that skill often, more so now than ever before in my humble opinion! Can you name or point out any top of the heap benevolent persons on earth that you would sign your life over to? I can’t, and that is a crying shame that all people are not trustworthy enough to rely on 100% under all conditions or circumstances. Sure there are some very nice people here or there but much harder to find in today’s world. None of them happen to be in my space anyway, so I don’t concern myself with finding such a person anytime soon. Besides even if I did find one what could that person do for me ultimately that will truly matter in the end? Nothing! Many people live in a state of co-dependence and that is another game or trap! Gee, maybe you’ll even hate what I write if I keep at this long enough!
        I’m sure someone writes the way you like and gives you plenty to be able to say, I like that to what is said, so, as the saying goes, “to each his own.”
        You have a good one. And, thanks for the input, especially the PR thing which I will have to look into a bit!

        • Blimey you sure did go for it there. I’m lucky. I spend time talking with flies. You take care and I really mean that. Someone said, there’s no money in poetry but then there’s no poetry in money. If I like someones point of view its nice to be able to tell them, that and I’m still finding my around the three different formats of this site and only just found the admin editing which is so much more responsive so I imagine others are as bad as me on here…obviously I was wrong, my apologies. Perhaps if you werent so closed off there would be more people around? God’s great an all but he rarely gives proper conversation. I’m rude I know but I do have people in my life who support me, we are there for each other, which is about faith in humans.

          • Blimey indeed! A bit of a turnaround as I see it! All for the better as some changes are good and others not so much! Talking with flies; seems a bit Lord of the Rings or Shakespeare, The Bard, “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio – a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.” Definition: “From Hamlet; refers to the fleeting nature of human life. The phrase alas poor Yorick refers to the brevity of human life. It comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and the scene in which it appears is one of Shakespeare’s most famous passages.” And, even more fanciful to some minds is the connection here to, “Lord of the Flies,” is a 1954 novel by Nobel Prize–winning British author William Golding. The book focuses on a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempt to govern themselves. Wikipedia But, really you have me curious as to the speaking to flies; as I do speak to all the animals around here and they know my voice well, they even trust me; but haven’t tried the flies yet, other than a, get the hell away from my food you dirty fly! Actually, I’m fond of them a bit because rather than a swat and kill them I capture them in a jar once they land on a window or wall and then release them to do the good work they do; although very loathsome and distasteful to us not to them obviously, and, its dirty work and someone has to do it right; so I like that they do what they were intended to do which is eat shitty things and lay eggs for the worms that hatch to finish the job, the cleanup crew! That is rather cute, the, “no money in poetry and no poetry in money,” bit! Rather good words of wisdom from the one who said them. Finding your way around here are you? I thought straightaway you were some quite proficient Lass or if you like it better, Lady with fine writing and navigating capability on these web platforms, at least much more than I; because as you correctly pointed out and said of my being closed off from the usual track most scramble in earnest to attain; I actually have kept it simple or rudimentary intentionally, sort of following the advice of an old timer I used to work with when employed by an international corporation, and, me being a man of many words, he said remember young man to KISS, just in case someone isn’t aware meaning, “keep it simple stupid, because he knew me well enough to know I don’t kiss butt!” No apology necessary, but, was nice of you to offer it, because I can be a rude ass at times even though by nature I’m a caring human being; and yet a boot in the ass is a good thing occasionally; just not a kick in my teeth, I had a few of those over the last 15 years and it was devastation, leading to lots of struggle and pain, though I fought my way back each time with God’s help, which is one way He does speak clearly in very concrete beneficial terms making a huge difference in one’s life, much more so than a loud voice from the clouds saying cut that crap out or I know how you feel little one! So, you think you’re rude and I don’t know you well enough to assess that as being accurate, so I’ll take ya word for it, but, I did detect a hint of brashness and perhaps more like Moxie; all that can be good in the right circumstances and we can just call it “sticktoitiveness” and I think you will agree we had a meeting of minds on that point anyway!
            That’s nice that someone supports you, good work when you can get it ay! That all stopped for me when I got past my late teens, been all downhill since then I guess we could say, if the objective were to have someone support you! I still have to insist from my perspective, which is based on experience over many years; I think God is the best one to rely on in that regard too! I’ll have to agree with your opening statement that you’re “lucky;” as it seems to me you are in more ways than one!

            • You were put in my spam folder by the software. I’m not a fan of Shakesspeare… I’m more of a Edmund Spenser gal. You are funny. Thanks for agreeing with my own statement regarding my luckiness. I’ve worked hard to get some support around me so I consider myself lucky to have survived what I have and come through as a person wiser and wary. When I say support I meant emotional…no one person supports me financially as I am on state benefits. I live in a country where when I worked my taxes went towards a national health system. I fell ill. Had some surgery which left me not able to work until it is undone so to speak. I got support around myself as my life was depressingly painful. I use a wheelchair less often these days as I discovered trolleys with seats! I did not want you to think I lead a charmed existence because my life is very hard and painful however I cope well and have learnt to get what I need around me. Thanks for your comments.

            • Hey Don’t Spam Me that Hurts! Not as bad as spanking but nonetheless anytime we’re not wanted or loved things can get rough! I’m happy you UN-Spammed me! 😃
              BTW, I’m not crazy about Shakespeare but I give credit to some fine work and tragic stories he was able to convey quite well.
              “wiser and wary,” isn’t that interesting because that’s where I’m at too! I’ve been through some horrid shit to put it bluntly and mildly all brought on by nefarious bastards and we can toss in a bitch as well. Yes, I can open up at times and you hit a sweet spot or a nerve not sure which atm but that’s not a problem! I know many or most people go through bad times in this life at some point but I was actually doing exceptionally well in all regards then I got the shaft of my lifetime like the gates of hell opened just for me to take all the wind out of my sails and then proceeded to capsize my personal ship that was on a good course overall plunging me into stormy waters that I had to use all my wit and inner strength to overcome or I would be lost; maybe not at sea but in the manmade societal sea which is actually worse I’ve now learned the hard way! Like you said the other day people can be quite evil and so damn rotten to another perhaps out of jealousy or just raw hate of their own miserable lives and anything that reminds them of how lacking they are when they see real happiness in another! Remember the story Billy Budd, a great classic and good depiction of human depravity or twisted hearts of humans! Now to the most important point which is you! I was only being a bit tongue in cheek about supported as in financially, which wasn’t what I thought you meant! I could sense you have some honest to goodness loving emotional support and that is priceless especially these days and now hearing more about your personal trials it’s been a God Send I would say from my outlook. I’m of course offering my heartfelt considerations to you for this tragic hardship you had come your way; but, I tend to see you as a person who takes this and makes good come out of it! I was just thinking a few moments ago about my own attitude toward how things went for me and I won’t quit but more importantly I want to take any garbage or rubbish that was heaped upon me and find a way to do the proverbial make some lemonade out of those lemons! But Samantha, you take this idea to a new and much higher level because now that I know how rough you’ve had it I’m really feeling saddened even though you have that Moxie I mentioned I really feel awkward now and wish I could do more to actually help you in any way. You’re not having a charmed life and I didn’t think that before but now I see how far removed your life has been from that scenario and I now see a brave strong soul in you this person i only just met! My hope for the moment is that we can maintain a good rapport in order to have genuine friendship to whatever degree you find fitting for you, I think you’re an exceptional human being and I feel honored to have this limited connection. I hope you’ve gained some understanding about me, enough to know I would never want to show disrespect or lack of appreciation for what you offer in any dialog we have already had or may in the future. Please let me know if I can explain anything or should try better.
              Thanks for your comments and this genuine openness, I actually feel honored and inspired by you doing so.
              My best,

            • Bless ya Lawrence you almost had me weeping with your kind words. Ah, I feel although worlds apart, there is something sweet about anyone who takes so much time and effort to ensure I understood where they were coming from. I thank you for that. Overwhelmed that I actually inspire anyone too. I totally understand the need to make lemonade out of lemons! Just, for myself, I’ve got direction and goals which really help. I’m figuring out the new balance of life for myself, kind of how much sugar/honey/sweetener/salt goes in that lemonade is decided on a daily basis. I didn’t know what moxie meant to you and thought you were referencing mugwort previously. Bizarre that it means forceful character in your language. Mugwort (moxy) helps bring on labour in late pregnancy and is currently used as a lung medicine by myself as it forces out things..viruses/bacteria, to a certain degree. It’s not recommended for sudden, exceptionally bad infections more of a protective layering of the lungs. The Chinese are currently recommending it as a tea but you can smoke it. I digress. Wary – yes lol, your pages were like coming across that hidden part in a maze that you didn’t know was there. It’s always good to chat. I could talk the hind legs off a donkey. However, it’s just gone 2am so I’m off for a little reading for sleepy times. I’ll say good night. It was good to correspond with you again – and it wasn’t me who spammed you it was wordpress…luckily I realised it was you and pulled you out of my spam folder, it couldn’t have been nice in there!

            • There is a running shoe, New Balance, so ya in the race you say here! So many people don’t have the Moxie or Faith and belief in themselves enough to hang in there in spite of the calamities going on in the world or their own personal lives so they give into the weight or monkey on their back and just give-up before they start or quit when something fateful was waiting for them just up the road ahead of them. To be quite Frank with you I never would expect to hear this story of challenge and the determination out of the blue from someone like you; so it has triggered a deep contemplation about what is going on here because I actually see it as no coincidence at all but rather further evidence of the Most High at work as always affording an opportunity to gain insight and awareness of this reality being present in our lives in order that we hold on to that ultimate truth in spite of any difficulty or storms that rage around us or in ourselves, to then be transformed from the mere earthly flesh burdens to the eternal plane of consciousness which demonstrates clearly that there is much more to all of this than meets the eye! To realize we are significant and loved beyond measure and like a most precious jewel coveted by its owner which is our Father in heaven who made us and all of this for a most cherished purpose that does include us as he centerpiece of it all.
              Interesting how he Moxie came to my mind and meant as a positive descriptive term in your case of perseverance and grit; but, perhaps triggered in my memory from it being originated in America over a century ago as a healthy but unique New England beverage that some who could savor the unusual could really appreciate like actually one of my Grandfathers had quite often as it still is being made, but, not sure if the original recipe is adhered to these days. You bring up lungs and that is one of the bad things that I was slammed with by those nefarious persons who plotted my demise or get me to quit had arranged to happen in a work setting; when I had my industrial injury with caustic chemicals and other contaminates. I had to battle lung impairment and other consequences like losing my job and fighting to not lose everything, even firing the lawyer who represented me to take my own case over and in the end the judge said to me that I did as well or actually better than any attorney could have. Of course I say because who really gave a shit as much as I did about my own life other than God and my Mom. And that was the centerpiece of how all of that worked out well enough in the end because God was leading the way and my Mom was so caring while praying for me in her consistent praying over a the few years this personal storm raged on. I used holistic minded care in eventually resolving the trauma to my pulmonary system getting rid of all the steroids and other medications that have their own consequences over time, and, this approach with the fact that I was always a nonsmoker with some good genes, I was able to spring back to fairly good condition with now only a reactive airway weakness which many people are even born with such sensitivity. Teas area big part of English daily rituals as in having a spot of tea mate ay! I concocted my own recipe that over time enhances the immune response system which is a strong green tea added to a large mug of fresh LEMON w/ pulp, freshly grated ginger root, raw honey, couple pinches of cayenne pepper and sometimes a half shot of ginger brandy to accelerate delivery. This one tea use over time apparently changed my system enough to where I don’t get sinus infections anymore which used to be a vicious circle of getting one then he doctor prescribing antibiotics and steroids to clear it up until he next time! The antibiotic merry-go-round alone devastates the body in that it ruins the gut health which is literally the core of our bodies balance or immune equilibrium. Mom always said we are what we eat so taking care as you do regarding what you blend in your daily intake both literally and metaphorically really makes a huge difference overall. So, we both can ramble on until everyone else in the room has passed out or ran out! Thank you for rescuing me from the spam vortex; I should certainly hope I don’t belong with all of the rejected and undesired rubbish, regardless of how annoying I can get I’m not that bad! I didn’t notice any flies in the spam realm so I figure it must be a very bad place if even they want nothing to do with it!!! I trust you slept well and are having a cheery and pleasant day there, I’m just getting going here so soon I’ll have a spot of my tea concoction to give me a boot in the arse. Talk the hind legs off a donkey! I never heard that one and its quite funny as well as makes sense to me in an odd way; even my grandfather loving the Moxie had an affection for donkeys and kept a few on his farm. Hee-Haw!
              Best wishes and hopes,

          • Yes that’s true, but, then comes the time to roll up the sleeves and get to business and get things to happen; that may not be so easy for some people to accept what has to happen! When the rubber meets the road things can get torn-up in order to get somewhere, especially when in a hurry!

          • I had to update that Will you Fight, with some new developments that seem to be provocative, but, I’ll see tomorrow how it looks, I did add a bit now though. Thanks again for the input; it has to add up to something I figure.