So, They Are Serious About Churchill…



The black lives matter movement would like to remove Churchill… I argued with a young Indian/English girl about it online. I went to find something to show her that Indians had died in millions from famine in the years before British intervention but it has been removed and replaced by so many spurious articles blaming England and Churchill.

I realised that there was no denying how thorough these people have been.

The media in the UK are not reporting the attacks happening within our communities in a proper fashion and are choosing which news lines they follow and those they don’t. They are attempting to start a race war here in London.

The identity politics screws within our health care systems and housing which I wrote about last year are now being turned tightly with a new influx of economic migrants who are government has decided to house immediately because of the covid19 situation.

News of Shamina Begum returning to the UK is not allowed to be reported in the press. She is getting legal aid and assistance with a new ID as well as being defended by the wife of one of our ex prime ministers Cherie Blaire. All being paid for by monies raised by charities apparently.

The newspapers have told many untruths. They claim this terrorist was one of three girls to be groomed online and disappeared from Hackney. No she is the ISIS girl that groomed those three girls and those three girls are still missing. Shamina Begum is part of a huge criminal family who have previously been caught for £42,000 benefit fraud.

Once Shamina Begum is in jail she will be radicalizing the others around her. Once she comes out she will start recruiting again. This woman is evil. Four children she has had and one survives, purely to get sympathy and get her back into the country. It worked.

Like the so called noose being found in Bubba Wallace’s car was actually a door handle and had been there for over a year…Why do the newspapers and news media just follow a certain line of news and wilfully ignore others? I understand not reporting on the ISIS terrorist coming back into the country as it’s illegal for news channels,but what about the other news which would reflect my life?

I’ve witnessed lots of vicious attacks on whites over Juneteenth. They were for no other reason other than their colour. However, the news refuse to call them hate crimes. Even when CHAZ – the autonomous zone – changed it’s name to CHOP to copy the historical French revolution the main news didn’t seem to understand or report this development.

They killed thousands people in the French revolution, chopped off their heads, with the handy guillotine. The black lives matter movement has been responsible for so many deaths yet the media refuse to cover the real story. Searching instead for any white person misbehaving so they can whack a far-right label on them.

So, when black lives matter were protesting about how oppressed they are and pulling down statues here, defacing Churchill’s statue and attempting to pull down others,Black lives across the globe decided that they did matter and would kill white people, they would rob them and destroy their property and the blacklivesmatter brigade didn’t say a word.

There was a terrible attempted murder of a teenager in Australia, in a station Melbourne Cross, beaten senseless. Verbally abused, lungs punctures, limbs broken and dragged about like a doll because she was white. All eight of her attackers black and female. I saw it on June 16th 2020 but it still has not been covered by the main news. Her name is Mikala I think, although I watched the video when it aired all I could tell was that she had dared to say she fancied a black boy.

I have no reason to lie. I have reasons to be racist, if you read my blog back to the beginning you’d see how easy it would be for me to be racist towards any other skin colour but in my day to day dealings I am not. I remain polite and understand manners are the gravy which makes the world go around.

Why are black people so angry and full of hatred? Why are they continually saying that England is racist as a nation when it isn’t true. England  was a predominantly white European country which has changed it’s demographic. They take no responsibility for continuing to trade in slaves but berate us for oppressing them.

Like in Watford, where I live, as a UK born white British person I represent 27% of my community. England was neither historically nor is now a black country. It was always white with a large Church of England and pagan population.

The BBC do not have to keep telling us we are racist when we have been extremely accommodating. Most of our social housing is now own by foreign families. We are one of the most tolerant people on this planet. We’re great at giving everyone rights.

So let’s look at the hypocrisy of the situation. I’m not saying England is not safe for white people or that black or brown people are all mean and nasty, what I am saying is that the BBC and other national news channels are purposefully not telling us news.

Emily Jones – a little white girl targeted by a mentally ill refugee who had told NHS services that she wanted to kill white children…before being released into the community to do just that on a sunny day in February this year.

Donna Barren Jones just another hit and run statistic… again run over and left because of her colour in Bolton. Mowed down by a Libyan national, again…she deserved it to him. Her killer was driving for a take away firm with no insurance or licence. That happened today…but the news is covering the language we use when we address black and brown people.

At an illegal dance rave Trafford, Manchester, three people were stabbed and a woman raped and someone died and the police knew the rave was going ahead during the lock down but didn’t stop it…that was last weekend.

In Reading a man stabbed seven men, three men died, murdered by a refugee, he targeted the peaceful group, sitting chatting in a park because they were white, but this has been classed as a terrorist attack. The stabber was twenty years old and again, known to the authorities and a loner.

In Cape Town, Africa a white man is stripped naked and viscously beaten by many black people in June 2020, a mob killing, not covered by the media anywhere..white people are under attack under a media black out in Africa.

Amy Biehl from Santa Monica, California was killed in Cape Town in 1993. The American pro black student was stabbed and stoned in Africa by black people and I didn’t know her name. Did you? The four men who organised, participated and encouraged others were pardoned by the African government.

But I bet you know the name behind the blacklivesmatter movement don’t you?

The media is supposed to report the news..not lead the culture it is feeding.

The rhetoric of black lives matter is obvious. They matter. But what do the added symbolism of ‘silence is violence’ mean? I’ll tell you, it means you must take the knee otherwise you will be forced to. I’ve recently argued with several beautiful, white and very bitching women who run a homeless shelter in Iowa America who tell me that it is impossible to be racist towards a white person.

I told them to check that with the UN convention of Human Rights.

Yeah, words hurt but violence kills.

My experiences of racism have blighted my life. My complaints gather dust because my attackers are black. My complaints against my health care and housing all ignored because I am white and British. My complaints against brown doctors all classed as a fair kind of person just being very racist and then ignore but I still keep pushing to be heard.

Why should black lives matter more here in the UK, America, Europe and Australia?

Other than our complete servitude what more can they have? They had our respect.

They can take our history.

They have spent a lot of time ruining wiki and placing lots of dishonest history over the internet. They know what they are doing but do  you?  I also would like to say that many of the organisers of black lives matter are white and brown.

Do I want them to take down Churchill? No I don’t. Where will it stop?

What I would like is unbiased news channels.

When a family member murders a female it should be called a murder


How our media reports things is important.

Thanks for reading.







  1. It’s really disturbing to see the news outlets becoming propaganda outlets for this radical movement. Everything is looked at through the prism of racism. Winston Churchill was a great leader at a time in world history when he was needed most. People fail to recognize that if Neville Chamberlain were the PM, they probably wouldn’t have any rights at all, let alone protesting in the streets, since England would probably have been taken by Nazi Germany. However, it’s my opinion that the racist aspect is just a cover for the marxist revolution taking place.

    • I can’t imagine why or who would lead a marxist revolution. His was one of the first statues to be ruined in north london lol plus without the chinese we wouldnt have won the last world war. If china wanted to expand it could, it has its own problems. I still think this is the religious right scraping souls back to perspective faiths with another end of the world scenario.