Police condemn sickening ‘hobby’ of people filming officers being assaulted


Respect? Where has it gone? I have a comment that if they stopped filming themselves then the police would have no chance at all of catching them.

Some elements of the press are partly responsible for the hatred aimed at our police services. The BBC keeps showing programs saying that the police are heavy handed here and to be frank, they are not. 

Our police are not armed…they have tazers with confetti in for one shot, which they need to write a lot of paper work for if they have to discharge it. England is not like America.

Black lives matter want to get a grip. Stop all the violence. They should be calling for reflection and for peace throughout this pandemic of covid19. Black lives in countries like America and England have the same opportunities if not more than the white people in the same social bracket in the communities they live. I should know I’ve been writing about it for over a year now.

Black lives do not deserve special privileges just because of the colour of their skin. No one does. That is just a stupid idea. If they feel uncomfortable around white people they need to deal with it.

I hear that America has a ‘black history month’…I’m blown away by this. History is history, no month should be dedicated to a race of human…stop it. Why are you segregating up the past and selling it on like it was a cereal box? History happens in a chronological order with factors of geology and social events.. It shouldn’t be colour coded, this is not the right way to go. 

When white people are not allowed to be part of the solution and are kept from having their say in a discussion which concerns them too that is racism. In the black lives matter movement white people have to speak last as they are least black… that is seriously F.U.

When people are overlooked for housing and health vaccines that is discrimination. 

Just looking at a person wrong is not racism. Even calling someone a name isn’t racism as many people call each other names, especially as there is a country in Africa called Niger… I wouldn’t use some words as I know it causes offence, although as they use it themselves, which is discriminative – that is racist.

The other word which isn’t racist is Paki…for someone who comes from Pakistan. I don’t get upset if someone calls me a Brit..as I am from Britain. How can you be offended by someone calling you what you are? I wouldn’t use this word ‘Paki’ as now, in England one would be called a racist for it. Although the term is a descriptor.

It’s actually racism towards whites as they are not allowed to use the words without getting their head caved in either metaphorically or physically. Yet ‘honkey’ a bad word for white people as comes from the men honking their car horns outside bars, to get the hookers to come out to them, as they were too scared to go in .

I came across a comedian who stated White Women Should Shut UP..  He’d like that. If you are uncomfortable here, in a white country like England, you must learn to be comfortable around white people. We are not going to let you segregate us any more than we already have been by the government. Live amongst us, we are not bad.

People in England have not owned slaves for 400 years and most didn’t anyway. Most white folks didn’t have enough money to own slaves. There is no living soul is around who owned a slave in England or even has a living relative who had a living relative who remembers or knew anyone who had slaves.

To the black Londoners on youtube saying rubbish like; ‘I’m not English, I’m a Londoner’, ‘I hate the English’ – get this little fact in to your thick heads. YOU came here, or your family brought you here, so start living like you’re British because that is where you are, it’s home. If you are a Londoner you are English and all that entails.

You came here because you heard Britain was great. You came here because this is a fabulous country.  A country where you have freedoms not thought of in your old country…and benefits. Do not expect to jump the queue over us locals as we have been waiting longer for decent housing and have fought hard for our rights, especially as women. We owe you nothing.

It does disgust me that priority is given to migrants when the population lives in overcrowded, mouldy and unsuitable accommodation – see below before losing it.

It disgusts me that our BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all seem to be sucking up to this false rhetoric of black oppression and discrimination.

Do you know why it disgust me?  I have been pointing out the discrimination within our health care programs and housing and that priority is not given to white people, Chinese people, black people or disabled people it is given to South Asian people (Indians/Pakistani/Indonesia/Afghanistan).

Black lives matter…as much as anyone else’s but if you are thinking of staying in England then why not adopt a few of it’s values? Respect for your elders of every race. Respect for the laws of the land, respect for the policemen who enforce those laws. Respect for the land and the environment. Stop hating on people because of ancient history. 

I look out my window every day and see children of every hue play together and then they get older and it seems harder for them to be friends anymore…let’s change that.

The law has evolved to be as it is in England, it’s not perfect but it’s all we got. No one is suggesting we can’t make it better but it’s actually pretty good and only needs a tweak.

It’s the race baiting, identity politics and oppressive false news coming out of our university’s and media which need to be defunded…not our police.