The Matter of Babies’ Hearts – Poem

Based on a real life scandal at a NHS Hospital in Bristol 1990s and Bias BBC coverage.


The Matter of Babies’ Hearts.

There is a story to tell

A parent’s living hell

Created for them, here on Earth

Janardan Dhasmana is his name

Babies hearts are his to gain

The NHS his surgery, his choppity chop,

As if a grocery shop

Learning on the hop

In Bristol, England baby’s hearts

Were put upon the block

From one of their bodies he did part

Little Joshua Loveday’s heart

Those that came forward to say

Fired from their jobs, sent away

Three good men lost careers

But Dhasmana carries on today with impunity

They gave the parents the babies hearts in a box for free

The BBC claimed, “The doctor had lost the most.”

Hurtful to the parents of the Bristol Babies’ ghosts.


The End.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris