tarot card swap

The Terrible Trouble with Tarot – Poem

Justice is eight

As justice must come first

Balance is built

From confrontation

Then reflection

From which strength is learnt


The printers struck

And no one took

The notice

That they should

This one act of

Putting justice back

Changes the

Rules of the pack!

The end.

by Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris. 22nd July 2020.

This is reference to my recent study of the tarot cards (rather than just using them, I decided to properly read the old books I have. Half way through this great book I’m realising that things were numbered differently. I don’t use the older set too often, so with both my sets being the same I hadn’t noticed any difference.

At some point, of it’s timeline of being, the tarot’s numerology and iconography have been altered. I researched and found this is known and accepted. But not explained, as to why it was done. From my packs I’d say it must have been done in the last few decades. Of course, the tarot has been through many changes, but this is different.

It’s complicated to explain all the significance and I’m not sure I could but basically, the justice card is the original number eight card in the major arcana. However, number eleven, ‘strength’ was put into it’s position. They were essentially swapped.

Whilst Justice and Strength are on the same plane they came in a particular order for a reason. The growth of the human spirit or soul corresponds to the journey depicted from 0 -21 on the tarot major arcana cards.

Justice does not necessary mean justice in an law and criminal type event. It means looking for balance and understanding the systems around us, confrontation/study of the rules that bind us. It is about the law of the land…authority. It’s the key to the start of the next plane of consciousness.

Thanks for reading all comments welcome, especially if they are regarding spelling mistakes or errors…foggy brain.