Skin – A Poem

What do you want from me?

Turn me inside to see, turn me inside to tell and turn me upside down as well.

I can not change to be like you. My colour is my colour

I am white with veins of blue and I’ve always loved you.

Now I see you do not love me and do not want equality. This makes me sad but what can I do? I can not change to be black or blue.

I hear, I listen, I try but can’t understand. I too can be foreign, in a foreign land.

To feel different, a sense of belonging, neither is ours to command. Skin can not supply this. Belonging is beyond our hand.

My colour cannot hurt you. But my skin I’d strip off and find a new but if I wish to survive, this is not possible to do.

Perhaps I should leave my land? Go and find somewhere new? Leave you behind and those I knew.

Where would you have me go? There is no where left. Only lands of ice and snow. And I do already feel the cold.

I’m tired of being referred to by my skin. Hey you – I’m a human too. Not just a ‘white’. But do I have that right? Or is that offensive too?

The term ‘silence is violence’ is beyond belief. In Newham dark skin is 90% deep. This secret we must keep. Please give me relief!

Seems minority status can be a lie. But these are things upon which one relies to gain the things which once were mine. I wanted to share with you but apparently this is not what you do.

Play with the facts. Ignoring the tracks. And hoping that folks will fly. We do hate our skins, disgust begins…Do with us as you will. In the light, unfortunately, white I will be still.

Only, now there is no where to go. Is this why so many die? Hanging from trees, lofts and left in parks and walks bys?

Tell me how I can make you happy. Tell me how I can make equality be. Tell me how to colour my skin and find your kind of equality.

Maybe I should go to school. But I would never make you see. I’d still watch as you swap black for white and use my own words against me.

It’s irony that ebony and ivory is blasphamy. Yet should it sound better black and proud – would it really be?

Maybe I could educate. But white is the only colour I can know. I would change it, in an instance, if I knew it would help us grow.

I would change my colour in an instant I really would. Colour me and make you feel free, to show you I’ve understood.

26th July 2020. By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris.

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