What Gives Them the Right?????

This is not good…don’t come to a pagan country and tell us we are bad for not believing the same rubbish as you do…leave us alone.

People are suggesting that the current unrest is because Chinese communists want to take over us…no, I don’t believe this is the case. Or, another suggestion is that Russian intervention is responsible for our troubles. Perhaps these explanations are correct, it may be some time before we really know, if ever, the truth.

I think, and I feel that this is the far religious right and the far religious left doing their utmost to gain a better foothold in Western Countries.

Well, we don’t like religion as religion leads to slavery and disempowerment. It doesn’t mean we are communists, unbelievers or beasts. We are human beings with more empathy in our little fingers than most religious folk have in their little fingers.

They come down on Druidism and paganism because our guidance empowers.

We show people how to heal and stop themselves becoming sick with herbal remedies and life style changes rather than packets from the pharmacy. We believe in modern medicine, especially when the body is broken and needs repairing like surgical procedures and setting broken bones…

We prefer natural to synthetic but understand that things of synthetic nature did, at one point start from nature…some are safe, others are not depending on location of use and the situation of administration.

We understand the movement of the skies and the bodies within it, for farming and for food production and the purpose of the insects, animals and birds in this process.

We believe in living and let live as long as no harm is being done.

No harm. That is our mantra…live and do no harm. What is the real mantra of Christianity that goes on the street and chastises innocents walking home from an evening out socially?

What is currently happening in the UK is harmful to us, you are ruining our culture. It is not for your gods and demons (you brought satan to our shores) to judge us. We are fine as be. We fine worshipping stones and trees.

This so called The Big White Judgement I keep hearing about in comments (youtube) is just silly and I’m assuming you are either paid for PR personal or just stupid. The fact that I had to pay premium youtube, even though I am a producer of content, in order to comment on videos is outrageous btw. But I’m glad that I did.

We will continue to look after the bees and the land that you take and ruin. We will continue to soothe and protect our children from religious judgements and abuse. We will continue to love you regardless of your persecutions and we will win against your hatred.

I beg you, I plead with you to look back at real history and understand where these judgements without evidence lead us.

Blessed be.



  1. I’m not necessarily a practicing person of faith, so I don’t respond through that prism. However, I find it very interesting, especially since Charlie Hebdo, that criticism of the prominent religious ideology growing in Europe- Islam – has no mention, but Christianity does. Perhaps its the specific video that you refer to? As far as judgement, there is a growing altar of secularists, at least here in the States. There is judgement passed and derision put upon you if you don’t comply with their belief system. So, there are many altars, with many segments of society trying to proselytize.

    • I’m in England so because of Brexit we are not part of Europe politically speaking anymore. Sad but true. This is directed towards the Christians as this is what is currently happening. Many african Christian churches are coming to england and starting schools and ideologys just like the islamic faith. However, if I were to find a video of muslims abusing pagans I’d be on it..but they are not raising their heads other than to stir the blm anti western pot.