Indigenous Populations and Britain

In 2001 Britain‘s Government blocked an attempt at the World Conference, held with the United Nations in Durban Africa, to ratify an agreement giving Indigenous Populations of the globe solid protections under international law.

At the time I didn’t think too much of it, only probably, that our gov was a bunch of idiots or something similar. More recently, with the blocking of facilities and services to myself and my family I started down rabbit holes. After all as a tax payer, my family have paid into this cultural system for thousands of years.

This law was a law initiated by the United States of America (thanks guys) to protect native American Indians, Maori and other indigenous populations around the world and was expected to be passed without hesitation. It aimed to give land rights to these populations in a more ‘equal distribution of wealth’.

Britain tried stopping it in it’s tracks in 2001.

At the time, human rights lawyers said that they were, “shocked and disgusted” by the British Government’s role in blocking the international laws, given that Britain did not have indigenous peoples. The world called Britain racist. 

So, who am I?

Perhaps it’s because I’m non coloured that I cannot be seen as indigenous? We are the great unseen. I suppose it trumps our old name of the ‘great unclean’. Even amongst our own, self esteem is on the floor and suicides are the highest ever.

Is it because we are unseen as a minority? Well we are a minority in many places in England, especially London. Is it because many have been educated to believe that we didn’t have culture? Its entirely false rhetoric that Briton was nothing before the Romans came, that was propaganda spread by the Romans.

Is it because we are so tolerant that others forgot that people were here in Britain before the temples, churches and mosques came? How come I’m being racist, anti Semitic, anti Hindi, anti Islamic or ‘demonic’ because I’m raising my hand to be counted and be heard? I’ve also been called a communist and a Nazi…I’m neither, I’m human. A caucasian british pagan…the indigenous tribe of Briton.

Britain’s government is not stupid, it realised that if they agreed with the United Nations it may enable us, the indigenous British, to have some say in the way our country was planned to be carved up for multi-cultural use. Our international market value would suddenly drop as many Brits started claiming land back off people, where should we start? 1066?

We’d could stop the blatant, so called, positive discrimination migrations which put pressure on our schools, health care and housing. The policies which have led to many ‘unseen’ left confused, homeless and sick with preventable diseases and neglectful situations or worse, actually given disease and disability (Thalidomide, Hep C/HIV Haemophilia, Primodos, Sodium Valproate, polypropylene Mesh and rising TB scandals have large ‘unseen’ victim bases).

Did our Government realise that if you start protecting indigenous populations globally, that would include those of European indigenous decent or it wouldn’t be of equal weight in law? i.e. European laws have now been able to stop the Muslim Tourist buses from using the Red Light District as a place to stop, peer, take photos and ridicule. The people of  Holland’s Amsterdam finally able to take a stand. Some parts of Europe have legalized drugs too. Not England, we aren’t Europe anymore.

Here in England we are heading for a religious utopia in theory but for whom? It’s almost as if the religious folk who left from Plymouth on the Mayflower did a trip around the world and returned centuries later with an army of different creeds and nationalities to back up their claims of God.

With indigenous population status, Britons could be protectors of British land and culture, we could stop current huge migration into our country, protecting our countryside from further development.

England may pack a punch internationally but geographically its small, with over 61 million people living in an area of 130,395 km squared. The closest American state in size is Louisiana, which has 135,659 km squared and just 5 million people. England has extremely high population density.

Many people do not realise that England/Britain/Great Britain/Angletere is just a part of the United Kingdom its called officially The United Kingdom of the British Isles but England is one and the same  – an island off the coast of Europe with another island called Ireland (smaller again) to the west of it. London is my capital, the capital of England – not the capital of the United Kingdom as Scotland is independent and has Edinburgh, and Ireland has Dublin (complicated).

As children we are taught lots of different names for ourselves but we tend to use British or English – they are one and the same. We are Brits and although our country is right next to Europe, since January 2020, we are not in Europe politically (Brexit) but our Queen still has the Commonwealth…not sure what the commonwealth does.

We are an Island but Scotland is part of our landmass but politically independent of our Government. So, England is fact a very small place…just look at a map. We are not a huge landmass like Africa or United States of America that can take large migrations into our country without serious land development and an increase in infrastructure. Our government has not done these increases so facilities and services are tight, too tight.

England, in the United Kingdom of the British Isles, is a Sovereign State and has a Parliament, they rule, and we, the peasants, do as we can within our system. But one has to ask, at what point will people realise that England does have an indigenous population and currently it is being completely ignored, discriminated against and neglected.

In 2014 the World Conference met again on Indigenous Peoples. I could not find the summary – the 404 page from the UN features for this piece. But there was this,

“The representative of Cyprus, speaking on behalf of the European Union, said the text allowed Member States and indigenous peoples to work together closely throughout the preparatory process. However, he expressed regret that the text did not contain the principle of full inclusion of civil society groups. The representative of the United States agreed, noting also that the text did not define a specific process by which indigenous peoples’ groups would be accredited. That issue would require further consideration, she added.”

Well, that’s very suitable for some isn’t it? It means anyone or no one can be seen as indigenous…

Worse for me is the knowledge that my Government didn’t agree the International Conference on Indigenous People’s Rights because it wanted to protect foreign interests within our country. They then orchestrated our removal from European Union with Brexit by fraudulent methods therefore denying rights through EU laws too.

If British pagans want to live in peace in England they must be included in future plans not ignored and denied.

United Nations Page Showing which links I tried.





  1. “Well, that’s very suitable for some isn’t it? It means anyone or no one can be seen as indigenous…” I was taught that all human originated from East Africa. So, aren’t we all invaders of some land by definition?

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    1. Evolution is the same! The reason being as our land back then was closer in pangaea. People were not invaders they evolved for the environment they lived. We all evolved from types of ape – not all African apes.

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      1. Pangea ended 175 million years ago. Although I tend to agree with you about various evolutionary lineages, the common explanation is the out of Africa one, which occurred 100,000 years ago. The reason that I bring it up is because of identity politics. I’m exhausted from the BLM/Antifa violence, and taking down of statues of Columbus and the like. While he did encounter people here, it’s impossible for them to be considered indigenous, if science is teaching out of Africa as fact.

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  2. I might seem to be too simplistic in my assessment of this situation in the eyes of some peoples, but, the entire human race was an unsophisticated loosely based tribal world in the past and predominate peoples or tribes worked and eked out their existences where they saw fit or could manage to find all the essentials to survive. As some of these tribes grew more sophisticated and developed higher systems or technologies to increase their capabilities in both surviving and self-expression major societies emerged that needed to organize and once that process began more complex governance systems evolved that began to establish systems management of the resources and the people power to preserve and protect their own particular interest and territories or nations. Simply put I do not see any way at all how the United States for example should be turned over to the first peoples who inhabited the continent just because they were living in their huts or teepees tens of thousands of years before Columbus or the Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic and began to establish their own organized colonies in a place where there was no such orderly developed systems of land and people management in place, so, thus this began this evolutionary process of progress which gave us all what we enjoy today as a modern highly sophisticated technological world of convenience with a multiplicity of opportunities to make a good life for oneself and produce a worthwhile contribution to the whole of society. Jeanette Winterson: “I don’t want to eke out my life like a resource in short supply. The only selfish life is a timid one. To hold back, to withdraw, to keep the best in reserve, both overvalues the self, and undervalues what the self is.” For cripes sake what the hell is wrong with the stupid crybabies of the world today! This woman said it right, and that is why I thank Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims for getting their asses out the door and into the bigger world to make something good happen and not just rot in a cave or hut! These morons out knocking down historic monuments or burning them are the worst sort of human beings on the planet, because they’re NOTHING, just NOBODIES with NO BRAINS or HEART; just robotic destructive zombies! All this nonsense of the original peoples need to receive reparations is stupid on its face, because, firstly many of the original bloodlines of say Native Americans have gone onto be mixed with many other bloodlines and over the centuries many of those people have gained the same opportunities to excel or acquire a decent lifestyle and make a living just as the next person! Or should we go back to the cavemen and find any people that with the proper genomes prove that their blood is most original to the cave dwellers, and, so they were he first inhabitants and should own all the lands, or even being so many generations removed now should still get enormous sums of money to make up for their loss? What percent of genetic makeup would apply and what about all those who died never being a part of this grand scheme to get a payday, where would this insanity end? This is pure rubbish and stupidity to even be debated. We are as a collective race of beings where we are now and that is all that matters, so it’s up to each person who should now do for themselves what they want to do to better their own lives; or sit around and bitch about how their ancestors got the shaft and a raw deal, and how somebody needs to pay up! This is all the same old BS line of “wanting something for nothing” and people need to grow the hell up and take responsibility for their own lives and stop pointing fingers! I’m so sick and tired of the losers of society and fringe getting so much air time or coverage and their blaming others for their shortcomings! If they haven’t noticed, we don’t live in a perfect world or utopia, so, you just make do with what life gave you and make the best of the fact you’re lucky to be alive; now do some good with that life! The pioneers had real guts, determination, and balls, something none of these punks have which are running wild like banshees in the streets setting buildings on fire, raping or even killing! Many of them live in their mothers basements (CAVE) or get funding from the evil Soros (DEVIL)!
    I hope some will open their eyes and hearts to the Truth. I also pray that our societies will settle down to rational sensibility.

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      1. Oh yes I am for sure talking about this God forsaken country of mine! I’ve seen the moral decay and over the top secularism ramp up over the last couple of decades leading to this bag of devils tricks being deployed now to create mayhem and madness pushing toward anarchy! All proof that the devil does work overtime! Thanks for the agreement in seeing this, but, also thanks for the opportunity to speak out to these massive problems! Blessings.

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