When at a loss the British have the Answer. Tea.

Today I will be drinking tea for calmness and to be in my happy place. I thought I’d share with you my current remedy, I’ve a cough and tickly throat.

The theory to keep the bacteria or virus from infecting the body is lots of hot drinks. This forces the germs down into the stomach where they can be killed in the acids. This is better than them invading the lungs. So, in this respect, herbal tea is a preventative medicine.

I’m showing you these herbs with some guidance to your safety. If you are pregnant or breast feeding the mugwort herb is not recommended. Mugwort acts powerfully on the reproductive system .i.e. it turns babys in the womb and is also known as moxie – it can be helpful for endometriosis too.

The video, further down, is me with instructions for making a comforting herbal beverage containing, mugwort, peppermint and chamomile.

The mugwort is grown in England so is easy for me to obtain, if you are purchasing do not worry about getting anything exotic, your local mugwort will be just as good as any other. You may find cheaper but rarely better quality abroad as generally locally sourced is best.

Peppermint and chamomile are easy to purchase on Amazon, check you like a tea before buying a bulk amount. Buy loose leaves and a sieve or teastrainer. Tea bags may pollute the environment as they can contain plastic which may be leaking into your drink.

Personally because of my situation with the TVT mesh implant I try to avoid any further plastic pollution inside my actual body. Of course, I do still use PG teabags for tea… I’m not a saint and life is too short not to enjoy a good cuppa with sugar and milk when you can.

I’m sharing this herbal tea in a bid to help those who can’t use inhalers or choose to mix up their healthcare methods. It’s purely a medicinal, comforting tea that I believe has helped me. I’ve cystic lungs, COPD, IC, EDS and numerous other annoyances.

The Indians and the Chinese have been trialing the mugwort herb for covid19. Mugwort’s been used for hundreds of years so there is a measure of safety, if used in the correct manner. The data shows that it helps in the mild, medium stages of the disease, stopping the disease progressing.

This whole article has been unpublished and re-edited as I had to remove my content from youtube and re-format the page. Google/Youtube decided I was a tea drinking, electrically qualified, singing robot and wouldn’t allow me to interact or comment with other users, marking me as spam.

So far, I’ve not been vaccinated because of auto immune reasons and have had negative covid19 tests. The NHS insists on me being tested in order to see the GP or have procedures at hospital. I think it’s working so far…

Thanks for reading.