When At a Loss We Brits Have The Answer to All Dilemmas. Tea.

Today I will mainly drinking tea. I need calmness and to stay in my happy place.

I thought I’d share with you my current remedy, as I have a cough and tickly throat. The theory – or idea – is to keep the bacteria or virus from infecting one’s body you have lots of hot drinks. This forces the invader down into the stomach where it is killed in the acids there, rather than going into the lungs where it can become problematic. So, in this respect, tea is seen as a preventative medicine.

If you are a women who is pregnant or breast feeding the mugwort herb is not recommended.

This is my video with the instructions for making a comforting herbal beverage containing, mugwort, peppermint and camomile. The mugwort is grown in England so is easy for me to obtain, if you are purchasing do not worry about getting anything exotic, your local mugwort will be just as good as any other. Some herbs you may find cheaper and better quality abroad but generally locally sourced is best. Peppermint and camomile are easy to purchase on Amazon, check you like a tea before buying bulk amount.

Tea bags are not good for the environment as they can contain plastic which may be leaking into your drink.

No one wants that. Personally because of my situation with a mesh implant I try to avoid further plastic pollution within me.

I do still use teabags for breakfast tea… I’m not a saint.

I had an accident when making this film and dropped my camera phone on the floor face up. It’s a hot day today in London and the footage of me bending over to pick up the phone was painful to watch back over. I resembled a red, faced cockerel with jowly bits swaying hypnotically about my eyes and chin. I’ve edited the footage to remove this scene, leaving enough so the viewer can see some sort of accident happened.





The Indians and the Chinese have been trailing the mugwort herb for covid19. Mugwort’s been used for hundreds of years so there is a measure of safety, if used in the correct manner. Whether it actually works is anyone’s guess…

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