Rather Be Imprisoned Than Forced to Marry. Anchors – article and link.

British women, we would rather cut our noses off than marry for any other reason than love.

Once England was a matriarch society of equals. Then the church came, they helped the Lords of the Manor.

Over the centuries they turned the Lord of the Manor to The Lord my God.

Note this British Library article is public access for everyone apart from in the UK. Not sure why that is.

However, this article tells you about Anchors. These were women, rarely men, who were walled up alive within the church.



  1. I have to agree I would see it the same way and would want to resist that kind of malarkey if confronted with it as unfortunately so many decent souls were by brutal tyrants like King Edward I “Longshanks” of England depicted very realistically in a film I love for its great work on so many levels, Brave Heart. We know from the true story that William Wallace the Scotsman didn’t put up with the nasty arrangements set up by the king and his dukes or lords who took advantage of the people and even desecrated their marriages by having the brides on their wedding day for their own twisted perverted pleasures! Horrible for poor people to suffer those anguishing atrocities committed upon them! So sad to me, so I identify with this piece and your sentiments fully! Our hearts and prayers go out to those who suffered and we should rest assured that the true Lord of Hosts our Father in heaven made right in the end what was so wrong; in the hereafter which ultimately matters most because it is everlasting, I pray they have true blissful happiness and joy beyond imagination!

    • It was a bleak time in the churches history and England’s. I’ve never been to Scotland. Driven to Israel but never been north of the midlands in my own isles! The Lords had their pick of the brides as a form of tax. We still have Lords. They sit in parliament called The House Of Lords. They dont get rights over maidens these days though! I wonder how your God could possibly make up for all that suffering. I visit churches for research fairly often, blessed to have our history around us, they are solid points in our communities and people need consistency. I realise only this. For this reason I’ve accepted it. As a woman God does not put a smile on my face, mother nature does and my faith in humanity.

      • Yes indeed very bleak times in human history then and after as well; even worse ones! I’ve had long drawn-out debates with argumentative atheists and those that say if your God is so good how can He sit by and watch so many suffer; and such innocence many times tortured. We should temper our demands when it comes to an all knowing Deity who is Supreme, yet hasn’t left us naked and has provided evidence of His presence and then realize that it’s not our place to know all things or even demand anything, but, to take pause and try our best to hold on in spite of the conflicting forces nagging us to our graves. Who ever said it was a rose garden or a picnic, but, I see as Einstein did the fantastic intricacies and thought-out design in things to know God is real with an enormous power over all things, and, a plan that is enormous as well as incomprehensible to our limited faculties. Someone just spoke about missing family and home, being sad, because the pandemic and man-made nightmare as I see it has created so much disorder and suffering as I reason my way through it all. She got a special gift from a friend, Maranta Leuconeura, a Prayer Plant which tied into some of my thinking today and now relates to this overall subject we are touching on. Faith and trust in the great deity or He who knows all things and is ever present, but, not responding the way many people would like Him to at their pleasure. Nonetheless He is ever-present and real, more so than the air we breathe and our own beating hearts that grow so restless and aching so badly at times. For now I’ll add here what I said to the lady with the new Prayer Plant.
        “We always have the opportunity for prayer and in so doing we receive hope, from the one source that matters, our loving Creator, who knows and loves each one of us personally. Amen.” 🙏✝️🙏
        I say we need to be brave; Brave Hearts, in spite of all the turmoil and forces that seek to defeat us, so in the end we rise above it all through our hope in Him, tested or trial by fire! The strongest steel is tempered in the contrasting conflict of fire and ice, polar opposites, but, through all that conflict rises something powerful and greater than when it started out beginning its journey, forged to be invincible by being a Brave Heart! Standing up to all adversity in order to rise above it! That’s what I want to do!

      • As I woke this morning this was on my mind, and could see how it fits with last nights thoughts.
        Some people want to worship the mundane but I will only worship the source of all things that exist. Very easy choice for me because I look around and see nothing in mankind or the earth that deserve any ultimate enough reverence; which would actually be akin to saying because a goldfish is swimming in a fishbowl it should worship itself or the fishbowl; that prospect isn’t going anywhere. Same with you and I, should we think that worshiping ourselves or planet earth will bear some fantastic result that will eventually transcend all of this finite world around us; I think not. Besides that, if we examine the human race at this moment in time with all of its nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction and see all the animosity, disagreement, division and exploitation which has been mankind’s consistent practice throughout history just for starters; that fact obviously to me indicates a futile dilemma of looking into a mirror and wishing what I see in it will suddenly be something else or other than what reflects back into my eyes! Now I must say, that would be a fool’s errand if I’ve ever seen one up close and personal.