1. Evil does exist in the hearts of men and some will do the devil’s bidding which we are seeing as plain as day now and anyone that won’t face up to this reality and act accordingly is part of that problem’s origin. It’s time to state clearly if one is for God or for Satan. Simple choice. We see the true story of Cain and Abel playing out on a global scale which proves nothing has changed through the thousands of years except we are much more capable of destroying not only two brothers, but, the whole lot! That will be doing the Devil’s bidding in spades.
        “Hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.” Ezekiel 12:2
        “Son of man, you are living in a rebellious house. They have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious house.” Mark 4:12

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      2. And what, Lawrence, is one supposed to do when ones faith tells you that Satan/God are the same? Who do I choose? God came to England and brought satan with him. We didnt have satan here already! How do I choose when to me they are both bad deities?

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      3. You’re confused or twisting TRUTH! Satan is no deity and that is a blasphemy to say it! He is only a fallen angel a creation of God Almighty’s! Lucifer wanted to be more powerful than God starting the path of deception unto ruin and transgressed Him the Holy Creator.
        Be careful what you say because Satan is the father of all lies and deception, so to go into that territory one is turning his or her immortal soul over to that evil. It’s a Simple choice for anyone, even those who are beginning to learn, we as individuals can choose good over evil and that choice is each person’s to make.
        Whatsoever one invests their heart into is owned by it!
        Be thankful the light was brought to your people and land so that you might not be wallowing in the mire of darkness as fools.
        The best choice has been afforded to you.


      4. I’m just stating an historical fact. God brought satan with him. I’m not suggesting they are the same. But by choosing to follow God I immediately come under the doctrine of the bible which also happens to talk of the devil. I dont want the devil in my life… If God came without the devil that would be good but he doesnt. My life currently does not have a devil in it. My life does not have sacrifice or rituals in it. My life does not haave hatred in it. Why would I want to introduce those things if I can live my best, good life outside of it? I do hear you. My soul is intact and happy. It is not evil for not believing. There are no evil people just dangerous deluded humans. Perhaps they think they are possessed but that is just mombo jombo and fear tactics. England is pagan. People like me will just keep our heads down again and hope to get through it. The villagers/pagans are just huge groups of people who realise that to accept god means accepting the bible and therefore stories of the devil of bad behaviour into the home. No one wants to do that.

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      5. Samantha! You start off again either misconstruing or being confused making a blanket statement which is based on total misrepresentation of fact! I see that is possible because of the lack of faith in God Almighty, nonetheless you are a bright person and understand well enough to realize that the Bible is not Doctrine, but, is the Word of God! Yes men had to compose and write it but those of true faith know it was Holy inspired word directly from God Himself. If a person doesn’t want to acknowledge that then they are hopelessly lost in my view. If you or anyone can’t reason that out and or don’t want to spend some serious time really studying the full history and Word of God then I can’t do a thing for you or such person’s that would make any ultimate difference. In my humble opinion a person like that is truly on his or her own in this world but I follow God and I know it for a fact, having the evidence of such being the case in my own experiences. Science or philosophy will never cure what truly ails us humans, nor will it bring peace and immortality, only God the Creator will provide all answers! And the good news is we are not left alone in the cold to be forever lost; He is with us!
        Everything I am and will ever be I owe to my Creator.

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      6. We all must realize that the whole Truth and reality are not just where each of us was born and exposed to or not exposed to, extremely limited view can lead one to tunnel vision and then miss the forest for the trees. But, I also add, if one chooses to stay confined to his or her own particular locale and customs, while ignoring obvious evidence coming their way over time; then to me that is the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. Won’t be finding more truth that way. Facing the “Facts” and working through the challenges of change that can come by doing so, can be a good thing, I at least think you and I can agree on that. Sometimes stubborn pride trips people up severely too! I had a friend like that growing up and he was a thick as a brick, which ended up doing him in before his time, also, his having many headaches along his chosen path.
        I appreciate this opportunity to both express our thoughts and ideas here, and I don’t mean to give too much of mine but I think it just comes naturally with me, which can be both a good thing or unfortunate for the person on the receiving end. Peace.

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