Peter Falk as Columbo

Just One More Thing – Poem

Just One More Thing


His famous line

Always makes the villain swim

Speaks from dark wavy hair

They wonder why, preoccupied

He drags the murderer out


Crumbled pristine

Upon the scene

Polite with anorak

Of brown and cream


Evil geniuses come unstuck

When he pulls up

In the motor, clunk

His classic pile of junk


No motive and missing clues

His demeanour leads one to think

He knows not what to do

Rolls up with his squeaky clink


Bear with me one second.

After the grisly scene

See what you make of this

And, do you know what you mean?


Their social hints ignored

Smoking in his old French car

Swave stupidity and delivery makes them bored

Chugging on his cigar


Not a stylish guy

He’d still catch my eye

But he loves his misses

And would never try


You can almost hear

Their brains scream and shout

I love it as he makes his move

Victims unaware; he’s smooth


There is no where they can hide

Like a hound

He hunts them down

Then emotionally hammers

Them into the ground


Ah the gotcha moment

If they only knew Columbo’s head

As, into his trap,

They always tread

Then the violins come in.


The End.

By Samantha ‘unextraordinarybint’ Harris.

Written in June 2020.

This is about Peter Falk playing Columbo.

The Actor Peter Falk died in June 2011 at the age of 83.

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