Word Press Cowards

At least when I say something, I leave my comment space so others can comment, although I’ve recently started monitoring this as some responses can be exceptionally long.
So many bigots and bloggers on this site don’t like to offer a platform for response. What you scare of?
These people annoy me. They print lies and incentive articles with no evidence and often chopped, unrelated photos are used to back up their PR related racist posts.
I was looking at Black Lives Matter UK post regarding a protest it claims happened in my country, on 15th August, in a town called Brighton, East Sussex. Well, I looked at the photos and the beach were sandy. Brighton has a pebble beach…no sand. They are liars.
They are using the fact that many towns and cities are named in America after the British originals…
In England, the description for Asians = Indians, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Bangladesh persons and any other nationality which isn’t white, black or Chinese looking…but this also includes white hindi people. The classifications are not as they should be.
In America, the class Asians are Chinese. i.e. So, Yale will release a paper regarding heart disease saying Asians are more likely to die.
However, Oxford and Kings colleges and medical professionals in UK referring to Asians as meaning anything, but Chinese direct the health authority to attribute actions for priority for Indian people rather than on Chinese. For instance, with heart disease. Chinese are most at risk, but our NHS system insists that ‘Asians’ are most at risk…meaning Indian, Afghani etc although no proof.
These little things are being used to capture funds basically. The black capture funds evolve around pretending to be discriminated against and saying that they are more likely to suffer from anaemia-based sickle cell blood disease, Diabetes and Rickets than whites …which is also rubbish.
All races suffer from these diseases.
People need to really be woke from this woke state and understand they are being played. Gupta brother, Bell Pottinger PR companies do this. They did it before in South Africa by writing news articles saying Whites still owned 98% of the wealth there. This is not true it was a lie to gain access to fuel funding.
Please, please wake up and stop supporting these untruthful organisations.


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