Blessed Relief – Poem

Worlds need

Blessed relief

From those that come to judge

Souls morally compete

Slow moving clouds pass above

No direction clearly

Wondering through histories flowers

Feeling the distance hour upon hour

The cards foretold of their power

Birds fly without his leave nor I

Do you know, she plagues me every day?

Sharing tales, she wishes to portray

Souls with darkness in their hearts rarely change.

Steeped and seeped in

Evil does not easily depart

Would I find comfort if I prayed?

Humbled on my knees,

Talked to this de-i-ty?

I’ve no questions to ask.

One, perhaps.

The winds are full of expectant air

Does he realise she remains?

Hands work

To turn the wheel

That atomic thread of will

Green Gilead sits still

Downward looking with eyes of steel

Do I have faith in thee?

I must believe that you too can see

My soul is pure

I believe yours too.

I open it, here, to you

In blessed relief.

The End.

By Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris.

Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK…. Europe(geographically STILL).

Today, nineteen years ago, The Twin Trade Towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack, one of many that day against United States of America. It was the first time that Western people, en mass, had knowledge of the hatred that was felt towards them.

I remember that day so clearly. My home office had TV. I saw the first plane go into the towers as they were filming… and then the second as they reported on the first. Then the reports of the Pentagon being hit and other planes in the air literally wrestling with terrorists intent on killing.

Across social media we watched, stunned, not just at the Towers and that destructive horror but also ‘opened mouthed’ at the children in American schools jumping up cheering, fist pumping the air and the teachers trying to control the students. Also adults were seen celebrating on rooftops before the clips were hidden and the outpouring and healing started.

More recently we’ve had different types of attack. A corona virus which led us to be locked down in our communities. Swiftly followed by a state capture attack (that’s what I’m calling it). This led to terrible mob attacks. These attacks on our cultures didn’t come from outside. They came from within our communities. Using our national media, they then turned a frightened and scared bunch of communities against each other. Now we are experiencing increased, so called, ‘random’ physical attacks, especially at large gatherings. I’m pleased that we are being locked down again because of covid19 and that social distancing measures could be used to legitimately keep people at arms length.

These barbaric attacks are not perpetrated by real soldiers who’ve been tasked with any important and necessary field assignments. No, nor are they prophets or worthy of any religious reverence. These people have been living amongst us. Pretending to be part of the community but secretly feeding a terrible hatred of the society they are in. The stabbings and the vehicle ‘hit and runs’ are acted out by heartless criminals who attack out of hatred, attempting to justify the kills because they believe their victims are evil.

How far have we come in the battle against hatred and judgement?