Outside – Poem

No clouds

Clear blue

Green grass

Approaching, I can smell the scene

Tall trees

No breeze

Trunk seats

Followed by blackberry treats

Small talk


Souls smiling

Eye to eye meetings

White butterfly flew by three times

Silently a muntjac creeps

Ahead of us unseen

Hoofed feet tread gently on the dock leaves

Nettles rise up on meadows

Reeds in dried up streams

Oaks and holly between, glistening

Ivy climbs high and binds the beech

Life seems and is, complete

With wooden fences

And squirrels dashing by



By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris.

Green plants in our environment.
Nettles, dock leaves, thistles and very many trees all feature in munden estate.
shadow of someone sat resting.
Resting whilst out on a walk in the countryside.

Thanks for reading.