Transgender vs Women

Transgenders need to start getting out of our spaces.

I’m not happy with the rise of transgender ‘rights’.

I’m not happy with the amount of children transitioning into a life of medical intervention.

There is no such thing as a male or female brain.

Green party called us non trans women…WTF?

No, we are still women. If you decide to change your sex that is your decision and I should not have to change my attitude and language to suit men (dressed as women).

Rose Parkie tells it how it is.

The Karen White story is one to look up.

A convicted rapist who identified as a women and was put in a women’s prison. He then went on to rape other inmates. The media referred to him as a woman. The authorities say he’s a woman.

Crimes committed by a man being recorded as ‘by a woman’ is wrong and does not give a real indication of crime of females.

This was one of the reasons why I left Women’s Equality Party.

Do no harm.