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Hair Colonies – Poem

Hair Colonies

Long hair is beautiful
But, it is the bind weed of the home
I hate stray hairs
I’m brunette (odd grey)
If I see a hair on the sink or side
Immediately, with it, into the bin I glide
Several reasons.
They wrap around the taps
They gather in the plug
They gather in the vacuum cleaner
Long hair is strong
It will inhabit an environment to which
It doesn’t belong
It will gather other hairs
Any hair
From any region – yuk
Any colour, colonies aren’t choosy
Even greys are acceptable
In their plans to take your hole
Then amazing strength you’ll see
Scissors and knives can shoved down the drain
To remove and attempt to regain
You’ll know the angiush…
Then, there is the hoover.
All that dust
Wrapped hair in colonies of lust
Undo this, undo that
Cut the fecking thing off
And, then put it all back
What a palava
And, you’ve still got the cleaning to do after!
Yeah, long hair is lovely
I could twiddle and twirl it all day
If only, when loose, they would all crawl away.

The End.
by Samantha “unextraordinarybint” Harris. Written 25th September 2020 Hertfordshire.UK.