Watch “Flu Vaccination and COVID 19 risk” on YouTube


  1. You’re right about not holding out breaths. It sounds like you’re as wary as I am. I’m not anti-vaccination, but they aren’t for everyone. I also think way too many are given at one time, especially to infants. And the number administered to children now is ridiculous; 21, I believe. I don’t think they’re safe for the immunocompromised. I had a lot of trouble after getting a TDAP and flu shot about ten years ago and haven’t really trusted it since.

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  2. Interesting info. I saw an article recently that described a small trial that found the more years in a row you get flu vaccines, the more viral shedding occurs when you do get sick. So basically that means your exhalation of breath is full of virus and becomes a danger fir anyone near you, even if not coughing or sneezing. I look forward to seeing if it can be repeated in a large trial.

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    1. I had the flu vaccine last year and was incredibly ill from October to March this year with wouldn’t go. There is no way I’m having it this year. Lets hope someone does a study but as it is generally pharma who do the studies I’m not holding my breath. However, it makes sense that flu vaccines add to the viral load. I’m astounded that the flu vaccine was rolled out to under fives last year after that 2012 study. Its disgusting really.

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