The Defund the BBC Campaign Takes Firm Hold in England.

The thing we have to pay for….by threat of jail is a propaganda infested news channel. Not everyone has to pay, for instance the Indian’s, American’s and African’s don’t pay the fee…Apparently this is not news!!!

The BBC chose what they cover. They decide not to cover the Biafran story or Ambazonia story…just …personal stories seems to be the mainstay of BBC Africa. When Malema is calling for land for the state the BBC seem to be deaf.

It’s time to stop paying for the BBC – it is not fair to make the elderly population of the UK pay for things they cannot watch and that do not represent them or their culture. If Africa want a BBC Africa then they should also pay for the BBC or no one should. BBC Urdo is another channel as well as BBC America.. The british licence fee payer is forced to pay for…often not in our language so why is it a criminal offense not to pay it?

time for change


  1. We get the BBC Channel here and we pay for it as part of our Satellite subscription. I do watch it but not everyday. They have some intriguing stories on that channel. Why get rid of something the entire world watches from time to time. I would say I support the BBC but I do not have all the facts either to make a qualified decision one way or the other.