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How Easy Would Be Easy to Make a Killer Vaccine to Target Ethnicity?

I’m concerned about what we are not talking about.

Peter Duffy blew the whistle on how foreign doctors are taking advantage of our NHS and hurting patients. He got fired and the media will not cover his story. He named four doctors they are all still practising (three of them without restriction) and having read his book ‘Whistle in the Wind’ I’m disgusted by it all and worried as an NHS patient who has suffered racism from a foreign doctor.

So, I am asking the question. Is England being targeted by bad doctors looking to defraud the NHS? When a company like Johnson and Johnson is in the mix anything is possible. If white people in Britain are perceived as spoilt, rich and undeserving why not experiment on them? These companies have shown their complete disregard for patient safety over and over again.

How come coronavirus nineteen has killed so many in western countries but not affected others so badly when they have (apparently) more poverty and closer communities?

I’m concerned that obvious problems with the current flu vaccine such as these pointed out in 2012 study which state beyond doubt that the flu vaccine affected the children’s immunity to retro and corona type viruses making it more likely for them to become seriously ill in the following years, are coming to haunt us and no one is saying anything because of the money involved.

This is the absolute proof that the flu vaccine damaged children. Then it was rolled out to younger children free on the national health system in the United Kingdom of The British Isles.

Why? How bizarre is this? Surely this is unethical?

Then there is the news a few years later that the flu vaccine works well in those with Africa heritage but not so well in others, especially European descent. I suspect this may be removed if it gets too much traffic as it’s proof that the researchers have the data.

Bizarre Race Politics is Making Us All Look Another Way.


This guardian article basically says that although black and minority ethnic people are more likely to be admitted they are not more likely to die from covid19.

Could it be because of the fraudulent claims of the media that bame persons were more likely to die when there was zero evidence to support it? Nigeria has had just over a thousand deaths from covid19 when England has had tens of thousands.

There is the completely ignored correlation between the uptake of the flu vaccine and the deaths from corona virus nineteen. And then you should see this.

won’t be up for long, I suspect
interesting take from a Doctor

In Africa the corona virus vaccine programs are seen as dangerous and not allowed to be trialled on black people because they are too precious…? At least they were paid! Brits aren’t they are shamed into doing with with public opinion.

So there are zero clinical trials going on in South Africa. None.

Just saying. So, what do we read from that?

Choice means choice.

Promised to ‘reduce the risk’ of getting flu…less chance of dying from it. How wrong could they have been??? What studies is he referring to? The pharma companies predicted a bad flu season but yet the hospitals were unprepared for it when covid19 weren’t they?

I’m not an anti vaxer and believe that children should be vaccinated against things like measles, polio and typhoid but flu is a ever changing, different animal altogether.

I think that the medical profession is targeting it’s populations with untrialled, ineffective and probably dangerous drug trials during a media storm of their own making in order to speed up and cut the costs of normal drug trials.

My title is to get attention as the science does seem to suggest that there as a possibility and it’s time for more laws and greater scrutiny of their practises.

Perhaps we should all wake up?

Should we really allow a vaccine which has different affects on different races? what about mixed descent people? Where are the safety permeameters?

Thank you for reading.


Regarding corona virus outbreaks it is no surprise to me that these are on the rise as the flu vaccine has been given out for the last couple of weeks and now the affects of that along with a new strain of corona virus remaining UNTREATED in our communities has led to people being ill.

It should be said again that people tested positive for covid19 are isolated but not treated for seven days and then told to go about their daily business… of course if they become super ill then they are allowed to call the doctor and might get a chance to talk to one on the phone…


  1. I agree with all you said here and my take on the current global situation overall is NWO is real and Big Pharma all with the many nefarious power mongers on the planet are again planning ultimate deceptions, manipulations and eventual population reductions on a massive scale all heading toward totalitarian control of the entire human race. I suppose it’s a turn off to bring religion into his but I can’t help myself because being a devout Christian I already knew this was all coming way back just from my understanding of Biblical prophecy and that the only thing necessary for the antichrist to come out in the open and join the many evil minions on earth to rule with impunity was the highly advanced scientific knowledge and technological capabilities necessary to construct and implement massive programs designed to prod and overwhelm the masses which is where we are now. Many years back I spent some time in the UK and was quite young in a much different time and climate along with being a bit wet behind the ears. So I did thoroughly enjoy everything about my stay there and feel lucky I had the chance to even be in a place where so much history and even some of my heroes in arts or literature hailed from. But, now I have to say the Royal Family and the Parliament there probably don’t give a hoot about the masses just like we here in the US are finding is the case with many of our highest ranking long term politicians and giant corporate bigwigs that see people like me as a mere annoyance at best and as a pest to be irradiated when the time is right! I don’t scare and I don’t listen to minions of the devil or any dictators who think they can control me with BS or any propaganda so I will either see an upswing in my kind of thinking by the masses which will enable We the People to stop the SOB’S long before they accomplish their dirty deed or I’ll probably be one of the first they come after to take away to the place from which I never return! So be it! Come and get me! One thing I’m certainly not is a rat that cowers in its hole; and I come from a long history of good decent folks with much bravery and heart! Meaning those SOB’S better come with a bullet with my name on it! My point to all this BTW is they are the worst cowards and scoundrels on the planet; all those behind these nefarious undertakings, wicked and evil. I didn’t name names and won’t expect any from anyone here, because that might not be too wise; maybe wise-ass but not a good practice!
    I will leave a link to one of my blog posts hat delves into many such interesting points or uninteresting rubbish depending on one’s mindset or time to bother! Cheers!
    BTW God bless you and yours. Amen.