Be Careful What You Wish For. Bruiser.

Careful What You Wish For. Bruiser.

Why You Should ALWAYS Check What You Wish For

I spend a lot of time on my own. It wasn’t a choice. It’s something I am getting used to.

As I don’t go out much, I recently started pining for a dog. I can’t manage a dog, so I know its dream stuff, but I miss the dogs I had. I miss their personalities and I miss their company. If I’m honest I miss the security they gave me when I was outside too.

I suppose I was thinking about the need to feel safe when I leave my home.

I had a German shepherd called Bruno and my daughter’s dog Bruiser living with me for years and years. In 2016 I had to put Bruno down (he dislocated his hip) and then in 2018 I moved in here and Bruiser went to live with my daughter who’d, by then, sorted herself out somewhere more secure to live.

As you can imagine Bruiser is now getting on and coming up to his fourteenth birthday. His life with my daughter has been busy and he’s loved it. He has two human siblings now and I doubt he misses Bruno and me too much. He gets long walks in the woods, a lovely nature reserve, every day and lots of attention from the children.

However, he is exhibiting strange behaviour as my grandson is learning how to use the potty. Bruiser has decided to also start peeing around the house.

Bruiser is a mastiff rottie cross and not a small dog. My daughter called me earlier today, almost in tears, the school called so she had to pick up my granddaughter who is feeling rough after her flu vaccination last week. On arrival home she discovered the dog had urinated all over the laminate floor.

She slid in through the front door into the hall still holding the littlest one and managed to just stop the other child, already feeling ill, from slipping over in it too. I laughed as she explained that she looked around and couldn’t see one surface which was dry enough to place them.

Eventually she got in and cleaned up, but it was everywhere. Discovering it all over her sofa- bed was the last straw.

Now Bruiser had been out for his walk and usually has a good degree of control. He has never snapped at anyone or given us reason to be wary but this behaviour is bizarre and then he did something strange. He jumped up and knocked off a knife from the kitchen side. A meat knife.

It was done on the quiet too. If she hadn’t re-entered the kitchen and seen it on the floor, before the children, it could have been disastrous. It’s a no brainer. The dog is showing signs of challenging the grandson when it comes to food so there is a risk that his behaviour is becoming territorial generally. The dog gets put down or he comes to me.

I must admit, I was thinking about a dog. I wasn’t thinking about the realities of a dog just the lovely little things…the company, his soft fur and cuddles etc. I was not thinking about walking him, picking up his poo, the dog hairs everywhere or the smell. Don’t get me wrong, me and Bruiser go back a long way and I love him to bits, but I know I’m going to cleaning up after him. That’s the responsibility of the owner living in a built-up area.

Like many elderly mammals, Bruiser is no exception, he is getting grumpy. He has been a loyal and fantastic dog over the years but now his mind and body is going. He deserves the respect and room he needs; it would be cruel and perhaps dangerous to ignore it. Also, from my grandson’s aspect the freedom to pottie train without the dog in his bits every few minutes would also be nice.

Obviously, the main reason Bruiser is coming to me is that there’s no one else to take him and I know him, and we are not ready to put down a good dog (a usually good dog) just because he is old and being a pain in the arse.

I still remember the day my daughter brought him around to see me. He was so small that he fitted into a little black hat and you could hardly see him. Now he is still as black as the darkness night, but he is huge and is essentially having a pissing contest with his owner’s son lol.

Anyhow, I wished for a dog and hey presto, I’m getting one. I’m looking forward to the company and really hoping that his bladder hasn’t gone as bad as mine otherwise we will be a sorry pair. Hopefully, it is just behavioral and a good rest away from his home will do everyone good.

I know my daughter is certainly looking forward to getting him out of the house – she said it so he could hear “It’s Nanny’s or the local Chinese”.

Picture of a dog and a cat together.
Bruiser and old cat of ours, Misty. They were the best of friends.

Thanks for reading.