Facebook Jail

My account with Facebook took a hit for freedom of speech last week. Was it a surprise? Not at all.

Anyone who has a FB profile will know that it was always an effort to work against the tech bubbles and filters to truly have an international outlook.

The continual political culture, misguided medical adverts, anti 5G, Anti Cow (vegan), Christian, Islamic, Hindu and every other religious organisation is now preaching all over it. It has become a minefield of crap.

It used to be funny crap.

Since covid19 and skeleton staff, Facebook became a location that one had to start limiting time spent on it.

Upset at the continual sharing of netflix child porn I shared a picture of teenagers at a virgin checking ceremony in Africa…they were queuing topless for their ‘inspection’.

I was immediately put Facebook jail for breaking community standards..I appealed but was not successful.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I mean, do any lives matter if they don’t live in America or Europe? Or do they matter only when the agenda says they matter? Who is setting the agenda?

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading.


    • The bottom line and making big money while following the agenda or whatever political climate suits that bottom line! Very two-faced as I see them if they should be a communication platform, and I know Zuckerberg was such a weasel as not to be interested in the betterment of society as a whole but being more of a scoundrel, AKA get rich quick scheme to me than any saint or valiant noble person that I can admire and respect. Nothing there for me to respect or be a part of. He sold out to the highest bidder and has no integrity, but, I do and won’t sell out to anyone on earth no matter how much filthy lucre they offer! Worlds apart, and I like where I’m headed in the end; I don’t think he will be happy with the net result! Short term gain can bite one in the ass when the hidden payment turns out to be more costly than a mountain of cash!

  1. Holy cow as the old adage goes! Samantha a very good article that speaks to a problem that is getting so common place with these Tech Giants! People as we know are pretty corruptible and generally self-serving. And people run or own these monstrosities of communication which puts a spin on things depending on which way the prevailing wind is blowing or in other words who at the top thinks what! I saw this coming sort of when Zuckerberg rolled out Facebook, and I said no thanks to the minion doofus keeping my word not having ever opened an account. I saw it plain as day and said to myself who the hell is this turkey that I should TRUST him and what he says enough to hand over lots of my personal info? For what gain? I have no use for it to be honest. If there was a great gain I may take a risk but the deck is stacked in his favor not mine so those odds tell me no dice! And no, I don’t gamble either; I’m pretty sure you surmised. Sorry you had the bad break and took such a big hit, I think the worst thing that should have been done is a restriction until said content is removed or whatever; but, they are assholes!
    On a good note; you may find you have more pertinent resources to focus on where you can do much of your good work! I wish you the best!

      • I like that and you stand your ground they’re just more of the bullies of the world that show no respect; so I won’t give them any! Who needs their rubbish! Plenty of options in this world! Sometimes this sort of thing happens and after you sort it out you realize they did you two favors! At least! Cheerio!