1. A beautiful simple act of kindness in a world that is displaying so much self-centered vitriol and apathy in these almost chaotic times; goes a long way in showing people there is always a better way!

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      1. Oh yes there are angels Samantha! Heavenly or divine ones serving God and I can tell you one saved me in Chicago many years ago when I was about to do something stupid and walk into a death trap very late one night as I was walking in the city alone hitching a ride to Minnesota! I will explain more another time but it had to be an angel that stopped me when nobody else was around or knew what I was thinking. Also, there are earthly humans who display saintly qualities and are great advocates, as well we could say angel like in what they do! You’re so right to point out how not seeking self-aggrandizement is one of the qualities; great genuine humility and love for others! I know you see this so well and I hardly know you; yet I feel it in my heart and soul. By the way I was trying to send my comment to this article of yours early today but I had a glitch again with my service and so I only got back a while ago and tried again which obviously worked well! Thanks for bringing this out to us here on your site! God bless you and yours.

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      2. Thank you for your kind words Lawrence. I’m glad that angel was there for you. We have a saying, if someone does you a good turn, “pass it on” – usually when we dont want anything for it.You know, when you have given and the recipient wants to reward you back immediately..in order that they dont feel bad that they may not be able to reciprocate and to pass on kindness. Yep. WordPress has a few glitches right now and I’m not helping by jumping between devices!

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      3. Hi Samantha…my pleasure and you certainly deserve thanks! I think more focus should be given to genuine good human intentions not only for the obvious beneficial effects it can have but because so much attention is given to bad behavior or sensationalism in most media outlets leading to more desensitization toward others who are suffering and at times even an apathy of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Oh you’re so right about that angel being there for me; just as the encounter was ending and I said thank you while turning away in the dark night especially that dangerous isolated place, I quickly turned round after just a few steps to look at him again and saw nobody there; so that sealed the deal in my mind that I was given a “Good Turn” which I never took for granted and that’s why I’m telling you about it, because something so profound had nothing to do with anything I did, but, was from a source of pure love to reach out to me in that moment to protect me; I know I was especially blessed and I realize you’re right that such good should be shared with others to provide added hope or inspiration to carry on and so others can have hope in their hearts; like you said, “Kindness” is the key here, that comes from a genuine goodness of heart, a rare thing in this far too often selfish world these days. Yes, yes about Word Press; I actually wonder if they messed up a good thing with such drastic alterations to its operational user design programming; I know for a fact some other writers I knew on this platform said they were leaving it and have. I don’t mind a challenge if its ultimately for good cause or an improvement, but, for me I yet have to see where any of this has done me any good; perhaps I’m stuck in liking the old classic simplified method and just slow to accept change, but, I was up early this morning even after feeling a bit ill last night coming down with a cold, I still wanted to tackle the problem I was having posting a reblog with my accompanying commentary and it still frustrates presently, thus here I am now just hopefully sending this long comment to you with success momentarily! I also had a few other hiccups in the process early yesterday, one of which I mentioned to you when I tried sending the first comment here on this article and it wouldn’t complete after several attempts, so I had to leave it for later. Time will tell as they say; I’ll hope this all balances out to the level of satisfaction I had with the old program making for a straightforward experience that should end up being more enhanced over the previous; we can only hope. Have a lovely day there and all the best to you and yours.

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