WordPress Lag

Interesting conditions created by wordpresses new software tweeks seem to have produced a lag.

When I view my site from my android device the last three days of my blog posts are missing.

Weird and unhelpful when you suffer from paranoia.

These things are to be expected, and to be frank, fuel my imagination for ideas for story plots in future. I try not to rise to these problems.

Writing code is complicated. It is easy to make mistakes and wordpress is pretty amazing when you REALLY think about it.

I am old enough to remember when writing a letter was the only way a working class person could communicate.

Communal red box telephones were on many street corners in the old days. When I was a child I’d walk down the bottom of the road, clutching two pence to make a call.

That copper coin was enough to get through and say who it was..letting the other end know you needed them to call back.

Today I am sat on my sofa publishing my dribble to a global audience with no shoes on and a cup of tea besides.

I want to add here that the digital revolution is my era. It’s been outstandingly fast. Today’s people are blessed.

Such fast growth of tech can make us impatient for what we imagine to be achieved.

When things move quickly old ideas are left behind. I’ve never completely trusted tech because of this.

For years my children made fun of me for drilling into them to back up work in different hard formats and file extensions.

Notepad is still the most used application on my pc as it adds zero code. From there it’s copied into word. Yep, I’m paying for my denial (lol – NOT).

However, notepad is secure and written work saved is of small size and easily accessed.

I’m happy that generally I’ve navigated my memories and work onto readable storage. USB port storage rocks.

When I started this blog security was a major factor as it was to take over from my written daily journal.

My blog is not that. It cannot be that. In order for my blog to be therapeutic it must be public. There is the rub.

Using a public medium for private therapy will throw up issues.

The last seven things I published are gaining likes and comments but are not visible on my site.

It’s magic, but not as we know it.

Wink wink- thanks for reading.

I figured it out. I have yet to find the setting to hook latest posts to the top of the page in the new wordpress format!!!

Blimey. There isn’t one.