Know The Score? – An Observation.


Nanofibres on the floor ?

The reality of nanotechnology,

If you don’t look, you will not see.

Hidden in your cannabis it may be.

Fibre strands look innocent enough but they are not normal mould or cotton.

Nano fibres are farmers and scientists new technology against ‘unwanted crops’.

It’s bizarre, real and unregulated. Commercial weed control…but remember one man’s weed is another man’s crop.

Unwanted crops are usually illegal drugs.

Mycoherbicides are designed to kill the next crop coming up – originally used to kill pests that attack the crops they’ve been tweaked. They scatter them on the ground after they’ve seized a yield or spray them upon existing crops and plants.

Who is they? Feds. Govs. Foreign Interests…I’ve no idea. I just know that mycoherbicides are here and I think they are in these nanofibres.

Who would want this? My main suspect would be pharmaceutical companies working with government. They have the most to gain from designing synesthetic medicines.

I’ll do more on this at some point in the future. In the mean time don’t consume the feckers – they aint good for you. Check through buds and them pull out.

They can affect your lungs and ears – there is only a tiny bit of amateur research available.

However, when they burn you can see them clearly in the air and leave a black smudge, you may have already noticed them and thought it was a kind of mould.

Thanks for reading.

technology for spinning nanofibres