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200 Followers – poem

It’s cracking when you follow

It’s in ter est ing

I always go to see

One hundred posts the same?

How and what is that game?

Marketing is a must

WordPress in sentence with trust

I suspect I’m spam again

So, in my tin I will reign

Thank you to each of who do

Whether through interest

Or trying to covert

I hope I’ve made a connection

You are a barmy collection

And, loved, each of you

I’ve corresponded with some lovely sorts

Every one polite, pleased to report

Manners like gravy make my world go around

Now over two hundred followers I’ve found.

I’m thankful for my blog right now.

Writing from my tower in the clouds.


By Samantha unextraordinarybint Harris

Quick note written in thanks for reaching 200 followers on wordpress. Thank you all.