unextraordinarybint samantha harris

Teaching ‘white privilege’ is to be banned from schools as minister blasts Labour in Parliament.

Fantastic news and delivered by a confident, beautiful black british person!

I never thought I would be promoting the conservatives but at least they are understanding the meaning of equality and are not buying into the ‘white people are bad’ narrative.

Tarring every person of a certain skin colour has always been seen as fascist. What has happened to our wonderful Labour ministers? They are allowing colour to cloud their judgement.

This is not equality.

The race baiting is getting daft.

Rock on Kemi Badonoch of our current Tory government. You’ve said what most of the country needed to hear and I thank you for it!

America is not us. They may have taken on our language but they are not British. They fought against us and must continue their own way.

We must not adopt the damaging race politics of the Americans.

Thank you for reading.

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