Artist modelling assignment.

Ruby Wax and Me – Nipple Poetic Story

There is a woman called Ruby Wax.

A more lovely woman you would not see.

She has cheeks of red which glow, and she hates them so.

Excitable she be and there are none funnier than she.

In earlier days she travelled around England to circumvent our inhabitants.

With Hit and Run, she met me.

Robert Lenkievitz’s model was I with breasts that you could anchor a ship on.

A study of St. Anthony found me naked on the BBC.

The next day, at my work, Boss was grinning like a jerk.

By lunchtime she’d made me coffee and then slyly asked me.

Yes, it was me.

Modelling naked on the TV.

Better though, I said, glowing rather red, was being interviewed by Ruby Wax.

I was immortalised on canvas and TV and that history could haunt me.

But proud, eventually, I would become; of my breasts, nipples and bum.

Meeting Ruby Wax who is a comedy best was the making of that assignment for me.

Afterwards, she went down to Longleat, for tea.

I went back to my bar, as the maid I really was, then I got fired because I’d posed naked for The Painter. See? One rule for one and another for me.

Now, I have Ruby Wax on my Facebook but she does not know that I was the body on which one of her episodes did close.

The End.

Thanks for reading. – you tube links are rather unreliable in UK so you could search for,

“Ruby Wax meets Robert Lenkiewicz in Plymouth, 1990. Hit and Run. “

Thanks for your time.

It took a year for this program to air – hence the two job reactions.

13 thoughts on “Ruby Wax and Me – Nipple Poetic Story”

    1. It is my nipple. 100% my nipple. Robert and I had a short but sweet ‘relationship’ until I got married and my husband stopped me modelling for a while. The painting he did of me sold for £750,000. It is called Samantha and The Painter. It is said I was paid £30 for the sitting but I wasn’t. I know now that the money was collected on my behalf by someone reporting to be ‘my agent’. The way I see it, it’s my image – no model release form was signed that I remember, so, according to my countries copyright laws, I’m free to use it.

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      1. mmm I dont’ know who bought it but I think the Plymouth Argos did an article about the painting coming up for sale a few years back which is how I know how much it went for…it may have a picture of it. I’ll have a look around.


      2. It is a great honour. As a model it has to be the most rewarding work I ever did. He was a fascinating man. It is a sense of great pride that he is part of my history and I’m part of his great contribution to art. I’m going to write about one of our sexual encounters I think it would help alot of young women.

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