Watch “”All White People Are Racist”” on YouTube


    1. Totally and absolutely, however, the comments under the video show how many people believed the whole thing, I’m getting fed up of being called an racist inbred for just sticking up for myself and my family. I saw a historical video yesterday on youtube declaring that my country was not populated by the Nethandrals living here (as they don’t count as modern humans) we only became ‘human’ when the Africans arrived 20,000 years ago. Absolute rubbish. There are whole families living here with DNA connected to Cheddar Gorge man. Cheddar gorge man was white…don’t know why he is depicted with blue eyes and black skin living in the UK…. all his descendants are still white and live near by. I don’t mind them saying America needs to change…but England is a white indigenous native population, always was white and should not be made to change to fit an historic lie to suit black lives matter narrative. The fact that England is also a tolerant nation should not be confused with it being an African one.

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      1. People have no idea about history, and definitely have no idea about ancient human migrations. The newest theory is that there may have been several places of origins, and not just Africa. Of course they would have to make Cheddar Gorge man black. Just like they had to say an ancient group of people at using fire to make pottery 10,000 years ago contributed to climate change.

        I don’t see why the US has to change. If we follow ‘science’ to its logical conclusion – vis a vis indigenous people, then ALL land was invaded and the US, as well as Asia, and Europe were empty lands, aside from the fauna that lived there.

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