Watch “Muz lims pun ch & KO a Christian lady called Haton while giving Dawah at #SpeakerCorner #Inbreds” on YouTube

Free speech is over so they say…a very sad day.

No one listens

No one cares

Religion will take our tongues again

But never for long.


  1. I understand your interest Samantha. Your culture is purely under attack just as ours is here in the States! A proposition of diminishing returns for sure Samantha! Invaders are present and will never assimilate into your culture but intend on subduing and replacing it!
    Well someone better care what those Muslims believe in or where they get their marching orders from. Women having rights will the last thing on the minds of these tyrants if they get their way in altering nations from the inside out along with imposed Sharia law! Right about now would be a great time for folks in England to realize their nation has been infiltrated by pure hell driven maniacs just like Europe had been prior to the middle ages when those same people driven by their Old Testament philosophy that Mohammad twisted by incorporating his own brand of totally uncorroborated divine prophecy into the original Muslim belief system when in 632 AD he inserted his final purported prophecy in which God supposedly told him that Islam is the only acceptable religion by God and that all other people must submit to it or be put to death; thus began the largest Caliphate in Muslim history parts of which lasted into the 20th century as these people invaded much of Europe leading to a later massive purging of them via the Middle Ages Crusades by Christians and others to rid themselves of them. A great reference source regarding much of this is Sword and Scimitar written by Raymond Ibrahim one of the most noteworthy scholars and experts on this subject and what so called Muslims are about. Fragments of it carried over later when the Turks attempted to hold onto their Ottoman Empire up to the time of World War I. These same people with that same mindset are now in your country just as they are here in America and Canada along with other countries around the globe being up to the same motus opeandi again as many Nations that host them are once again capitulating and letting them gain a foothold and slowly but surely seek to reestablish themselves in other lands with the sole intent of taking them over. In London you have a Muslim mayor as a single example of this new slow incremental take over, along with the occasional attacks or other acts of inhuman violence being perpetrated by them in the name of Islam, just as they are doing elsewhere. I happen to know from extensive analysis of past and present circumstances that these people are driven by Satan and that is a reality not hocus-pocus ritualistic nonsense but pure hatred and evil diabolical forces, which is out to ruin everything it can get its hands on! You will not have peace or your nation being what its natives have had or always wanted to have as far as freedom and culture until these very same peoples are extracted from the picture. Right now the Muslims are working directly with China’s CCP pure atheistic communist totalitarian mindset just as the false Pope Bergoglio is; all in unison to conquer and control all peoples of the planet; New World Order. The Pope said as much recently stating that the NWO must be accepted as the new path for all people to follow which in essence is a diabolical mandate from Hell presented by this heretic Pope to have the antichrist rule the planet. Of course all of this crap with COVID and lockdowns isn’t just coincidence with its widespread totalitarian type controls that are being mandated! To me anyone that doesn’t see this writing on the wall plainly in their faces is daffy or blind and perhaps doesn’t care a rat’s ass what happens to them because they have no values or purpose to be living on earth other than say evolution or thinking it is what it is and we just get what we can out of it and then lights out! God Almighty is the reason we are here and the sooner all people wake-up to that fact of life the better each individual will be to accomplish what God put us all here for to begin with! Two opposing forces the greatest love by God to give us the greatest opportunity or the pure hate that wants to cancel that all out and take away that opportunity to exist forever in heaven with God. I say all of this because we must fight both a physical and also a spiritual war for our lives here that we want to protect; but mostly for our immortal souls that will carry on after each of us dies and more importantly where those souls will end up for eternity!
    “Sword and Scimitar chronicles the decisive battles that arose from this ages-old Islamic jihad, beginning with the first major Islamic attack on Christian land in 636, through the Muslim occupation of nearly three-quarters of Christendom which prompted the Crusades, followed by renewed Muslim conquests by Turks and Tatars, to the European colonization of the Muslim world in the 1800s, when Islam largely went on the retreat–until its reemergence in recent times. Using original sources in Arabic and Greek, preeminent historian Raymond Ibrahim describes each battle in vivid detail and explains how these wars and the larger historical currents of the age reflect the cultural fault lines between Islam and the West.”

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      1. Hi Samantha thank you very much and so are you! The world appears to be coming apart at the seems and I even feel it today I can’t hardly believe how some people here in the States are brushing off Treason now! Insanity! Are most people just selling out or just don’t give a damn? Boy I’ll tell ya if the world ever needed miracles it’s now! Hey how’s my Buddy Bruiser? Being a good happy boy I bet!?🐕


      2. Hi Samantha so good to get this update from you! Ah yes good boy Bruiser one of what I call heavens earthly companions provided for our happiness; as they do provide so much good and are beautiful, but, there times this seems to be a bit arduous to achieve. Worth the effort though, I know because the doggie I have now was scheduled to be put down at a shelter where she had lived for nearly a year after having been found as a stray puppy. They had the animal behaviorist even work with her to try providing an adoptable dog to the public but here she was over a year old and got a death sentence only to have me come along by I know Divine Intervention having heard wolf like howls coming from the shelter on that special day which reminded me of my Samoyeds or a Siberian Husky breeds I think are so wolf like and I love them, as I love all dogs to be quite honest! But I was working near that shelter and if the stray Huskies a mother and son show dogs hadn’t gotten loose then howled when they did I would not have decided to head over before losing time when I would get off of work which wasn’t even my usual punch out time as i usually worked overnight there driving semis for a corporation. When I got there the director said they were closing in five minutes and told me I was right about the howls being huskies and they were already picked up by the owners who were frantic! They got to go home to a great loving home of some well to do family but because I said can I take a quick look at all of the dogs since I’m there to say hi, to which the lady said make it fast so then I saw this wacky pain in the butt way over excited and frantic dog at that time who I connected with, especially when the director said she was being put to sleep the next morning! I said call whoever you must but stop that and I will take the dog. She said we had already adopted her out to a family but she was brought right back that day! And these euthanasia decisions are by a panel and are final they don’t get reversed so forget it! She went on to say this dog won’t be manageable so we decided she reached the end of the line! I said I can make sure she will get with the program with my others dogs of which I had at the time actually two left out of originally four. The director later told me the next day she got the chief of police and others calling them after hours to agree on a reprieve for the dog because this guy I know him and he will make it work no matter how much we think it’s not possible he won’t quit and will make sure the dog isn’t a problem to anyone and will get her to come round! Now 14 years later she still is very active and a peach of a girl just loves me to death and is a good girl all of the time but the first few years were like madness having to keep her in a basement when at work and then clean up after her almost defiance to poop, pee and not wait ever or on the pads I left on the floor; along with ripping up anything she could get her teeth on in that basement! She was only kept away from the other dogs in the basement for a shorter period to become actually house broken and used to the routine but mostly to keep her from tearing up the house! Walking out around the area was another issue with her incessant barking at any other animals and trying to drag me to them; this took a couple of years to fully modify her behavior but I agree with the director of the shelter I’m probably the only person she could find that would get the dog acclimated to living like a family pet and not some wild animal; so lucky for her and then me too because I would do it all over again if I had to because I love the animal and she makes me so happy to see her living and being a doggie! I give a long strip of high quality rawhide chew now and then and she acts like a puppy so happy to have her favorite treat and has the strong teeth still to gnaw and chew it well! So, I went into all this so you and anyone out there will know that if you love them you can make it work as I know you are already aware and do but again, with persistence and love along with total commitment which is mandatory!
        As far as the world right now it’s out of control but rays of hope and light come through here and there like this one I read today and then had to reblog the wonderful article that these ladies produce on their site. You know I have brought up before how I see this all being God’s plan and we humans have gotten ourselves into so much turmoil over what seems too many ages to have not gotten it yet behaving worse than simple dogs actually and yet we as a species of somewhat intelligent design as such beings keep going right back to screwing it all up! But the silver lining in the darkest cloud is shining in my eyes as I see big final answers approaching in this particular age we are now in! Is all been so nothing to God because time isn’t a constraint or a part of God’s absolute perfection; God is timeless and all-encompassing but like the dogs in a way we are in need of so much correcting or modification to be the children of light we are capable of being; only the long road this human race has been on is coming to its end and there is absolute hope and beauty waiting for those who truly want that! My dog is so happy right? That is how I see my journey and I want to be where I will feel so loved and cared for able to be a real child of the light like the doggie enjoys being a doggie with me! I already said so much and could go on about these matters but perhaps another time! I hope this helps and give Bruiser a big hug for me and say this friend not a bad guy actually one that loves dogs more than most people at times especially these days wanted to send that hug! Blessings and hope! CYA later!
        Here is this piece of good truthful information from a Cardinal who went against the status-quo and established rhetoric!
        “If you get sick with Covid, you can cure it well with a guava tea or with chlorine dioxide,” Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, the former Guadalajara Archbishop, Mexico, said during a homily which appeared on the Internet (video below original post).
        For Sandoval, “it is clear that those who have created this pandemic, which is a blunderbuss for the domination of the people, oblige the governments to scare us.”
        He criticises them for relentlessly saying “put on your mask”, “don’t leave your house,” “keep your distance,” and adds that “it’s eight or nine months that I don’t wear a mask and I greet half the world.”


      3. Typo* at the Seams I’m tired a little sleep them out at crack of dawn to shovel heavy wet snow! Lots of fun! When I was a TEEN that is! Light power snow no worries brush it away but lead is killer and could throw out a back!


    1. Thanks for your comment but without sounding rude, I do not care who they follow Lawrence. What I care for and require is a little respect for women on our streets and especially on Speakers Corner! This area is a famous spot in London where people stand on a soap box and say their piece. Anyone is allowed to speak. It is usually very political. It’s part of our culture.


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