I’m Shocked. I thought France was civilized. Justice for Julie.

Paris Firemen Admitted to Sex With Her at 13. France is Actually Debating if It Was Rape (

Isn’t it about time there was a conversation on the danger and destruction caused by child sexual assault? It affects the mental, emotional and physical health.

Everyone ought to be educated about the age humans are grown up… why are people lusting after children? Selfish to the core.

Human children. The last bone fuses around thirty years old…around the chest plate and closing over the heart. It is called the xiphoid process…yet all our societies are geared towards accepting children as ‘adult’ before they are grown up…why?

Answer. So, they can be abused and used.

Humans seem to be using all sorts of reasons to ritually abuse children for their sexual gratification. It is a fact globally, unfortunately. My country is scarred by it’s child grooming and sexual exploitation history.

I live in the UK and this story from nearby France about a teenager being shared by grown firemen over a period of years, disgusts me. The firemen are selfish rats and I hope that justice prevails and something is done about this situation. It is already an outrage.

Abuse of position is an understatement…these men are fire rescue services!

Thanks for reading.

I hope everyone is well and adjusting to our ‘new normal’.

It is 2021. Conservations should be happening about protecting children worldwide. It’s sad we are not in this position and all I keep hearing about is gods and myths.

Children are real. They should be protected. Gods are apparently so powerful they don’t need us.

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  1. This is beyond disgusting. It is a crime against humanity, and I’m not overstating my comment. Any person who does this to anyone, especially a child, doesn’t not deserve the consideration of being considered part of society.


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