Is that Samantha Harris?


I’m the consultant who took over your case last year.

Oh, hello.

Sorry, it’s taken so long to get back to you.



The hospital can no longer perform the surgery to remove the TVT mesh. We were unable to secure funding.

Yes, we do have the expertise to remove TVT mesh by laparoscopy.

No, the clinic which has been funded doesn’t have the expertise.

I’m sorry Ms Harris.

Yes, I will write to your GP who will need to refer you to the removal clinic.


Thank you Doctor. Bye.

Summing up as I can’t write about this. It hurts too much.

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  1. Look at that; is that you Samantha! I swear to God I actually just thought about you last night and early this morning as to why I hadn’t seen your notices or any real sign of you? I was planning to reach out early but ran into some difficulties today and mos of it technical! But Lo and Behold just when I was getting a leg up on this nonsense I gazed at my email inbox and saw a notification from none other than “Samantha Unextraordinarybint Harris” right near the top, and had come in at 11:11 AM! Its good to know you’re hanging in and I do hope most everything is going along well enough with all the family! Bruiser I hope is a settled down good boy just having a relaxing peaceful time with you there!

    My big concern these days is wit he massive secular totalitarian push for NWO and in some locales more than others the hammer has come down harder so seeing that tile of yours Hard got me jumpy! I’m not thoroughly aware of all the details there but I tend to think of your nation being in a condition that is like some of our worst hardest hit areas due to the ruling class bureaucracy putting severe controls on the citizens as if the people in those unfortunate areas are some kind of insects and not people! I’ve gotten angry enough over the many months so lately I’m trying to stay strong on the inside and not feel too oppressed. Most if not all of the politicians are liars or in the least useless idiots that won’t do anything to fix the real problem which they are part of! I do feel encouraged when I see there are some brave souls who are fully aware and in positions where they can have some serious influence on the atrocities being committed and really seem to be working toward doing something about it!

    What is now happening in Israel is sad; like in so many other tightly controlling bureaucracies that want every human being vaccinated; which is to me absolutely hideous!

    Let me know how you’re doing when you want or can, and keep up the good that you do!
    Blessing to you and yours!


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