Sarcastic look at medical devices

The Problem with Shagging Sheep.

Comments on the medical device TVT mesh.

There is some talk of TVT mesh implants and how they have ruined women’s lives around the globe, but not enough, in my opinion, as it’s a scandal.

It’s development is interesting. The TVT’s inventor piloted the initial study on sheep. Unfortunately, the gentleman died but his work was continued…He worked for Johnson & Johnson. They recognised the monetary value in a product which would cause problems for life…and also supply Tena lady.

TVT is a questionable treatment for an ‘out of control’ bladder after childbirth and it was promoted as ‘the gold standard solution’.

It was designed to be implanted for life. Essentially it is a long tape placed around the bladder. It replaced existing operations and saved an hour in theatre.

It’s made from polypropylene plastic mesh – the same material the marine life have problems with.

The TVT is wrapped, blindly with needles, around the outside of the vagina, under the bladder and through the pelvic bone – if you are lucky the surgeons will miss your skene gland, rectum and clitoris.

It ought to be mentioned, originally it was designed for ‘awake’ patients so the tension could be adjusted.

I want to go back to the pilot though. I’m assuming that they used the TVT mesh on sheep who’d previously given birth AND who accidentally wet themselves. I pity the research student whose job it was to find suitable candidates for study.

How many days were really spent finding pissy sheep?

A problem with TVT mesh, is as the plastic gets older it shrinks. It can make penetrative sex difficult/impossible and generally it causes severe pain as your other organs move against it.

How did they research the sexual element with sheep? Assuming they bothered.

And then, how would the researchers extrapolate the data? I’m thinking all the comforting cups of tea in China will not get a sheep talking. And, were the sheep checked afterwards to see if they were still dribbling? Did they put smelling salts under their noses to induce a sneeze?

There is also the bipedal thing…I know it’s small but surely an important factor?

How could they check if the sheep could lift something? A sheep has never worked in it’s life.

Whatever, I await removal.

Thanks for reading.

Edited to add cartoon and to say coincidence or not (day after I posted this piece) the media have covered many personal stories as news regarding mesh implants. But they are muddying the waters by suggesting these implants are biological. They are not all mesh is synthetic or synthetic based polypropylene. Also,, there is some suggestion that the implants have just not been fitted correctly…no, it is more than that so all these pieces people are being fed in the media have been bent out of shape to stop the blame falling at the medical devices doorstep – where it firmly belongs.



  1. I just wandered into your blog completely randomly, saw the title of this post, and had to read it. Almost a “hold my pint” moment for the universe. Glad I stopped. Who knew that invasive body-hacks for sheep have made it into humans… they’ll be using pig organs for transplants next. Oh. Wait…

    • As you can imagine I did do that title on purpose. Needed to grab attention somehow. But, the media have now thrown out their stories, muddying the waters, so it was rather pointless in the end. But, thank you for popping by. Always nice to see a new face.

  2. To me this is all madness that this was called a solution to a real serious delicate and complicated health problem! I think it’s like governments and related officials hand Big Pharma a Blank Check when they hand them the medical standards and practices guidelines Manuals and just say see what you want to come up with and just bill the tax payers and we will pass your recommendations along with flying colors to be the Gold Standard and will get the FDA seal of approval along with anything else we can add to that; whatever you say is Golden because you’re Big Pharma the biggest and richest lobbyists on the planet and shell out plenty of moo-la to so many cronies; and we just couldn’t do without you! I say that’s a load of horse manure because Big
    Pharma is more of a problem than the original problem they were supposedly going to eliminate could ever be; which they only compounded or added to!

    The truthfully sad thing is they’ve been allowed to grow out of control and too powerful basically calling the shots for nearly a century now when the original masterminds namely the Rothschild and Roosevelt empires conspired to build this better mouse trap to catch people in and own them; medication dependent urchins of a controlled society! Now look what they do with the likes of Sociopaths Bill Gates and Soros among others around the globe to create a fraudulent vaccine scheme.

    • Thank you for your comments Lawrence, it is madness. It is a 8billion dollar industry too. Polypropylene is here to stay as a human implant unless people wise up. It’s being used as a plastic patch rather than continuing to train surgeons in real surgery…because it needs less skill to install. It’s not just women who are implanted it is used for hernias in men too.

      • You’re welcome Samantha! I appreciate the information because it’s a learning curve for me; had limited knowledge about it, and now that you exposed this trick of theirs, I’m sure this being the easier fix or stop-gap measure is making them much more money too!

        I remember my Harvard Professor Doctor that was caring for my catastrophic industrial chemical injury; that I served as my own attorney on the case because of the rigged system favoring mostly the insurance companies and corporations; she said to me one day in the hospital, “Lawrence going forward just make sure anyone you get involved in your case or medical care has your best interest at heart!” She was like a saint; because she is brilliant in her field and was willing to back me up with precise science and experience along with her impeccable reputation; while providing me with all that expertise, when too many others play the game and would have made my struggle worse! I fought hard to win but her medical summaries made it all possible; as I never could have done it without her! It’s a pity that the majority of professionals aren’t like her! Thanks for a very good explanation and important informational blog posting!