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Make Your Child’s Next School Holiday or Half-Term a Memorable One – Guest Author

The British education system realizes the importance of time with family and allots kids multiple breaks throughout the school year. While kids may have plans to camp out in front of the TV on video games or spend time with their friends, you should make the time for family and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

Take a Cruise 

A cruise on the Thames River is an opportunity for your kid to learn, enjoy a day on the water, and witness the sites on the river, such as the Westminster Bridge.

Specifically, the Red Rover Hop-On/Off River Pass allows 24-hour access to the ship for you and your family. You could also take a multi-day cruise, such as a Mediterranean tour. 

Consider a Museum Tour 

Stop at various museums since the country is known for having some of the most awe-inspiring museums in the world.

For instance, the Natural History Museum in London houses dinosaur bones and marine fossils. The National Railway Museum York gives kids an opportunity to learn about locomotives, and it features an indoor and outdoor play area. 

Think About Multiple Outdoor Day Trips

With the pandemic continuing with no end in sight, you might prefer a trip where you can safely maintain social distance. In this case, consider taking multiple outdoor day trips. This idea also works well if you have to work throughout the break and can’t take time away to enjoy it with family. 

For example, the ZSL London Zoo offers views of magnificent creatures like zebras and pygmy hippos. Plus, you can easily keep your distance between yourself and other visitors. 

Have a Staycation 

Pick a hotel in a city that’s within an hour or two away from your home. Plan one or two activities to do and spend the rest of the time in the hotel room. Splash in the pool, read books, order food in, and enjoy one another’s company. 

Make the Most of Staying Home

If the pandemic has you leery of traveling or you don’t have the time, stay home and encourage the family to spend as much time together as possible. Get in the kitchen and make meals together from scratch. Spend an afternoon or two baking. You could have a board game day where you play games together all day. Learn a new hobby. If you aren’t sure of any that everyone would enjoy, search online for some inspiration. 

Preparing for a Road Trip

Before you head out on the open road, make sure you prepare for the getaway. You’ll not only make the trip better for you, but you’ll also make it more enjoyable for your kid. 

Bring along a high-tech device or two to keep your child occupied on the long ride. A kid’s smartwatch can be easily monitored via parental controls, and it has GPS capabilities and medical ID in the event of an emergency. 

Family Fun for a Few Days for Memories for Life

By spending a few days of their vacation with your kid, you’ll make memories that’ll last forever.  

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