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Revenge is Best Served Cold. Chapter 2. Very Long Read.

  • *Caution – contains sexual violence/violence.


Ted was his usual happy self. They asked after each other politely as he put the car into gear and asked for the first address. Sarah showed him her phone screen. After putting it in his ‘google maps’ app, he started his usual monologue.

“Just sit back and relax, I’ll have you there in no time at all”.

Sarah smiled, crossed her legs and relaxed back in the passenger seat. She liked Ted; he said all the usual reassuring things. He liked the girls to feel at ease when they were working. He took his responsibility seriously and over time she’d found him trustworthy. On a previous job when she hadn’t returned on time, his knock on the door was enough to remind the client that someone was watching out for her.

Sarah was mindful of the mirror which was stuck on the glove compartment. She had previously asked Ted about the purpose of the mirror and he smiled, showing an impressive set of teeth and kinked his head to one side saying nothing. This made her chuckle but wary and wondering, not for the first time, how many women had flashed their finer points at him, and if it had always been unintentional.

The Premier Inn was tucked away behind a main road lined with trees. Ted parked up in the hotel carpark and checked as to what time she was due back. Jennifer changed her shoes and left the car. She walked confidently into the hotel; it was only seven in the evening so there were guests around. The briefcase helped to give her an air of authority. John had told her the room but explained he would need to come down and meet her in the reception. She called his mobile to let him know she’d arrived.
“Be right there,” He said.

Moments later John appeared. Bursting out passionately through the elevator doors, he made a huge show of saying hello. His wrinkly blue eyes studied her from her shoes to up to her face briefly but purposefully, before saying,
“Come tell me about your trip. How is your Aunt?” Just a little too loud. She played along, kissing him in greeting on both cheeks. Then John invited Jennifer to follow him, with a sweeping gesture of his arm.

Alexa had been right about John; he was a proper gentleman. In the hotel room the wine was chilling, and a bath run. Offering her a glass, he poured his own and invited her to sit next to him on the bed. He was shorter than her, overweight and grey haired. His eyes gleamed as she took the money from him and placed it in her bag.

“So, what’s your thing John?” She whispered in her sexiest ‘Jennifer’ voice.
“I like to pleasure women Jennifer. I get off on them getting off.” He grinned. Then,
“Please take everything off, including stockings, put this on and get up on the bed. Put the towel under you once you have made yourself comfortable”
Jennifer did as he requested, taking the silk petticoat from him and slipping it over her head.
“This is really pretty, John, such a lovely feel to it,” she said, reaching into her bag, but John anticipated the action, by saying,
“We won’t need any condoms.”

Sarah plumped up the pillows and lay back on them. John stayed at the bottom of the bed looking at her. His penis, small and red, was semi flaccid and his hands went to his testicles as he kneeled down at the end of the bed.

“Are you okay up there?” He said as he lent forward to lick her feet. She laughed. His tongue flicked between her toes. Slowly he moved his tongue, sliding with little flicks, up her legs to her inner thighs where he gently tried to part her legs. Feeling resistance, he raised his head,
“Please open, allow me, you are so beautiful, I want to taste you.” Jennifer looking him straight in eye, parted her legs. She continued to watch him as his wet mouth lowered down on her, searching out her clitoris. He licked her, dribbling heavily on to the towel.

He parted her legs until her feet hung over the sides of the bed and started licking her buttocks. Greedily he lapped at her. His nose disappearing deeper into her vagina with each thrust of his tongue into her rectum. Jennifer feeling teeth against her, pulled away and started to protest but John was already apologetic.
“Sorry, you taste lovely. I am sorry. I got carried away. I won’t do it again.”
Jennifer laid back down.
“Let me know when you are going to cum.” He said, between licks of her clitoris and sucking her vulva. Just over nine minutes later he watched as her body moved in waves through her orgasm. John waited until he’d made her orgasm again and then he climbed onto the bed to released himself on her legs, his face contorting in the last moments.
“That was so much fun Jennifer! We must do this again. Will you come and see me again darling? Say you will…”
“Of course, I will. You’re a proper gent.”

A flushed and vibrant Jennifer left five minutes later and got back into the car. Ted started the engine, asking,
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah, yeah everything’s good, thanks. I’ll let the next one know we’re on our way.”

The journey back into London was quiet. Sarah checked her mail on her phone and went on Facebook. She took £50 out of her money and held it in her hand until he’d seen it and gave her permission to put it in his stash box.
“Pop it in there girl, and push it hard shut please.” His eyes never leaving the road. The car snaked down towards Tower Bridge and the little hotel on the Embankment.

Sarah’s phone sounded as they pulled up, with instructions from Kevin. She was to collect the key card from the reception desk, take lift and go to room 103, There was no parking allowed in this part of London town so Ted couldn’t wait. Getting out of the car she said,
“See you later.” Followed with, “I’ll call when I’m ready. I should be around two hours.” Before shutting the car door and confidently walking through the hotel’s entrance, into the lobby, her shoes clicking loudly across the floor.

Two impeccably dressed and well-presented women with dark blue uniforms were sat behind the desk. One dark haired and the other blond. They appeared over-dressed for this little reception and would have looked more at home in an airport. Their makeup was thick and perfect with identically strong eyebrows. Each had a hotel badge. The blond receptionist, called Tina, was nearest to the counter and stood up.

“Good evening. Do you have a booking?” she said, smiling brightly.

“I’m meeting a work colleague, room 103, I’ll need a key card for the lift and directions to them please?” Sarah replied, returning the smile.

Tina turned to her colleague and jerked her head in the direction of Sarah. The dark-haired woman looked Sarah in the eye, dropped her gaze to Sarah’s shoes and then back up to her face. Sarah returned the woman’s gaze with a hard, cold, icy glare. Annoyed, Sarah then, raised an eyebrow, pursed her lips and turned to walk away. She hoped her face portrayed the fact she didn’t have time for this, and she followed up by taking out her phone and starting to scroll through her contacts.

The blonde receptionist, sensing this woman was capable of being a problem, gave her the key fob and directed her to the lift. She heard their sniggers but didn’t turn around. She’d done her time working in hotels. Earning minimum wage, she forgave them their sniggers, and imagined them giving their boss blow jobs for free.

Checking her reflection in the lift, she took her time walking through the hotel corridors. So many the doors. The bounciness of the floors from layers of carpets. There was something about hotels. She had always felt it. Different people, strangers under one roof. Lovers, friends, workers, holidayers, all behind the neat rectangles in the walls.

The floorboards creaked slightly as she approached 103 and knocked on the door. A male voice shouted for her to come in. She entered the slightly darkened room and closed the door behind her. A side light showed Kevin Hargreaves was already undressed and lying in the huge bed. He indicated for her to join him, pointing at the white lines of cocaine laid on the cabinet. He held out a short straw towards her,

“Jennifer, you look delightful!” He gushed.
She strutted over and took the straw from him. Pulling her hair up behind her head with one hand, so as not to knock the others, she bent down and snorted the smallest line.

Stepping back, she looked at her client and smiled.
“Thank you. Can I have the cash darling?”

Sarah watched him pull back the covers and heave his body from the bed. Walking across the room to where his suit trousers were draped on the writing desk, he riffled through his pockets and pulled out a wad of cash. He walked back to her, saying,
“It’s like you don’t trust me, Jennifer!”
“You know it’s easier to get it out the way.” She replied.

He’d put on weight since she last saw him, at least two stone, perhaps more. A small hole was appearing in his once white Marks & Spencer’s cotton underpants, just below the struggling waistband.

He handed the notes over, coming up behind and spooning her as she counted out the money on the bed. He reached between her legs and playfully started biting her ear. Turning around and sliding out of his embrace, she pointed at the money,
“Kevin, I thought you wanted me to stay for two hours? There’s only two fifty here.”
“Surely there’s a discount for giving you such a good time?” He said, giving her a wink and nodding at the cocaine.
She tutted and shook her head from side to side.
“Really? Whatever. I will stay for longer than an hour but not as long as two hours. And only because I’ve had a long day and could do with a pickup.” She said, returning his wink with a smile.
Kevin moved her closer to him, pulling her by the arms.
“Sure babe.”

He stroked her shoulders, kissed her neck and slid her dress down.
“You do what you want here Jennifer. You love being fucked. Dirty little girl. I always show you a good time, don’t I? My cock must be the biggest you see.”
He laughed at Jennifer’s saucy, disapproving look which neither agreed or disagreed. He took off his underpants and lay down on the bed.

Kevin tried to stop his impatience showing as Jennifer put the money in her bag and took out three condoms. Slipping her dress off and standing only in her bra, stockings and shoes she strutted around the bed teasing him. Now totally in character as Jennifer, she swayed and pushed her breasts together, licking her lips.

“Come here.” Kevin said, his throat sounding dry but his mouth wet.
Crawling up the bed, keeping eye contact, she curved her back to accentuate her buttocks and breasts and looked hungrily at him. She kissed his inner thigh. Smiling, she stroked his cock with her finger, tracing its length from shaft to head. Kevin groaned in anticipation.

He watched her, mouth open, as she closed her eyes and gently pushed her nose into his groin, and then licked his testicles in broad strokes. She looked up and smiled at him before licking her own hand. Wrapping her wet palm firmly around his penis she felt him harden for a moment before returning to his softer state.

“You fucking slut. You sure love cock. You can’t get it fast enough.” Then laughing, he grabbed her and forced his tongue in her mouth. Angrily she pulled and slapped her hands against his chest.
“No.” She snapped. “No kissing.”

Kevin stopped and briefly dropped his head, as if a child being sorry.
Staring intently into her face, he reached out and gently cupped her breast, drawing his finger in a circle around the nipple. He squeezed it hard between his thumb and index finger waiting for her to protest before letting go. Smiling at her puzzled frown, he laughed again and turned over onto his belly to do another line.

When he passed the straw over to her, she took it with pursed lips and a stern expression. This made Kevin laugh more. He’d made Jennifer mad. Kevin Hargreaves knew the rules, no kissing, no anal and no blowjobs or fucking without a condom. Most of the girls worked to the same rules. He chuckled,
“Sorry Jennifer.”

He gently stroked her thighs and back as she covered one nostril and drew in the white powder. She laid her head back down with her nose stinging. Burying his face between her buttocks, he licked around her anus and took long tastes of her vagina before pulling her hand down to his penis to show her his hardness.
“Suck me.”

Moving quickly, she slid the condom over his erect penis. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap, she sucked him hard to keep the tension up. He was about to explode when he stopped her and pulled her up towards him. Without changing the condom (she didn’t want to risk him losing his erection), she straddled him and stroked his nipples as grabbed her buttocks.

They moved backwards and forwards and then she felt him cum. She had just enough time to reach down and check the condom was still in place before he exploded. She smiled as she felt his penis throb inside her and looked to his face for a reaction, but he was not smiling back. His features had a strange vacant look. It scared her. Disengaging herself from him and moving up the bed. She nervously asked,
“So, have things been better with the wife now that the children are back at school?”
She regretted the words the second they left her mouth. They were too chirpy for the situation. He looked at her like he suspected her of taking advantage of him. His brooding and lack of communication freaked her out. Having managed to get him to a happy place she couldn’t understand why he’d go cold on her now. But he stayed silent.

She got up from the bed and passed him a tissue from the bedside cabinet, for the condom. Reaching under the bed, she retrieved her bag and headed into the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she rinsed her mouth with soap and washed all the areas Kevin had licked on her body before pulling the flush as if she had been to the lavatory.

Music was playing when she returned. Kevin had opened the doors between the rooms. Sarah could see the full lay out of what must be one the best suites in the hotel. There was a black, shiny grand piano in the main room with dozens of red roses in a tall vase on top. A huge bowl of fruit stood on an elegant glass table near a window with Tower Bridge in view.
“It’s a beautiful room.” She said as she walked around the piano.

She felt pensive. Kevin was a big man, at least 6ft 4 inches tall and heavy set. His dark hair was full, wavy and cut short around the neck. He’d been in good shape last year. The cocaine, alcohol and rich food were taking their toll on his body, and on his performance. She checked her watch. She’d been there for an hour.

“Plenty of time still for us to have some fun.” He said, watching her, from the bed.

Sarah went over and sat with him, resting on the pillows. Kevin gathered her hair gently up, picking out the white streak.
“Did I tell you I like this?” He said, as he slid his hand down onto her chest, gently stroking her nipples.
“Would you like to stay for the night in this room?” He went on, “The room cannot be booked out again, so you can use it and then go home from here in the morning.”

Compared to her flat in Turnpike Lane, this hotel was pure luxury. The bed was worth more than she got paid in year. There was no way she could deny herself a decent sleep in this lovely, quiet hotel. But she checked,
“No point me staying if I’m not going to get any sleep though?” Raising her eyebrow.
“I won’t be here. I need to go home to the children and am working in another part of the country tomorrow, it’s easier to set off from home. You really will have the room to yourself.”

Sarah took a couple of minutes to phone Ted. It was good practice to use a voice call rather than text. He would know for certain it was her and not a client using her phone after she’d been cut up into little pieces.
After she had finished the call, she teasingly said to Kevin, “So, what would you like to do with the rest of your time?”

She laid her hand against his chest and slowly twirled her fingers through the small amount of chest hair there. He stroked her breasts, his hand sliding down her stomach and between her legs as he pulled her close. They moved down the bed and Sarah passed him the condom. He kissed her neck, behind her ears, and whispered,
“Doggy style.”
She turned over. He licked hungrily at her. He pulled her buttocks apart and licked her until she was groaning and pushing against him. Kevin was rock hard when she passed the condom over and he put it on. He entered her with a groan.

Within sixty seconds he’d cum but carried on bumping her. The sheer force of his pounding made her slide down the bed until she was positioned beneath him. She felt his erection soften and tried to move her hands to secure the condom, but he pushed all his weight on her.
Trying to raise herself from the bed, she felt a hand on the back of her head, forcing her back down. She tried to move it and use her hands to lift herself from the bed, but he was too heavy. Her nose and mouth were pushed into the bedclothes. Panic started to sweep through her as she realized she couldn’t breathe. What was he doing?

The song, playing in the background, was calm, classical piano. She managed to turn her face away from the bed to suck in a quick breath before being forced back around into the mattress. Her heart was pounding loudly in her ears and her chest felt like it would burst.

He brought his contorted face down close to her ear and sneered,
“You’re a dirty slut.”
He lifted himself off her and she grasped at the air before he body slammed her so hard her ribs cracked. She screamed. Her noise became muffled as he pulled the bedclothes over her head and started dry humping her back, the condom flapping between his legs. At first Sarah squirmed under him but then, feeling his penis starting to become erect, she stopped. The fucker was getting off on this shit.

Kevin pulled himself up and took off the condom. Gasping to pull air into her squashed lungs she started to get up onto her knees before feeling both his hands on her shoulders forcing her back down on the bed. His hands were around her throat and panic flowed through her as the pressure from his weight increased, squashing the air back out of her lungs. She shouted out,
“What the fuck?”
She felt her necklace break as he released one hand from her neck and pulled her buttocks apart. “You’re not special. You’re a dirty slut.”
Holding her head firmly down on the bed, he pushed his fingers hard into her rectum. She screamed into the mattress and kicked out with her legs.
“Quiet.” He instructed. “Just lay still. Dirty whore.”

He clenched his hand into a fist and pushed at her vulva. Not able to fit his knuckles in made his jaw tighten. He wanted to make her feel him. Angrily he pulled her buttocks apart and pushed his hard penis into her rectum.
He rode her, lost like an animal, showing no care, tearing at her hair and breasts. He held his hand strongly around her throat until he felt her pass out. Her lifeless body exciting him. He watched her limp body move when he moved. When she moaned, he punched her, hard, in her back.

Sarah felt searing shooting pain followed by darkness. Coming around, she knew she’d passed out. It occurred to her; she could be dead. She felt numb and out of herself. Her thoughts were coming faster than time was moving. She was moving rhythmically, forward and backwards. Opening her eyes she moved her face to see she was still his hotel room.

Someone was pumping away at her, but it was all in her peripheral vision. The piano music was playing in the other room, the same melody. She was numb with the sense of movement and weight on her. She had one clear thought. Would he let her live? She knew she was suffering from shock and if she could act now, it could save her life. How long had she been passed out? Sarah had learnt about shock at college. Pushing against all her instincts to lie still, she tried to lift her head up, to turn to face who was in her. Paranoid that it wasn’t Kevin, she needed to look.

It was Kevin. He looked like a man possessed. Their eyes met briefly before he raised his open hand and struck her hard across her face.
“Fucking bitch, chill out.” He said, punching her several times in the back, the pain searing through her kidneys. Her eyes rolled in her head and she passed out, coming around when the song was playing out, still going up and down on the bed.

Her thoughts turned to her remaining family. Imagining the headlines and the family shock. Would they understand? Would this event turn her mad? Was she mad now, thinking so lucidly whilst this was happening? Sarah knew she was in ‘survival’ mode and ‘now’ was about whether she could get out of this alive.

He finished with a grunt and relaxed. Laying quietly under him, she waited. After a few minutes he got up, slapped her extremely hard across her buttocks and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open.
“Yeah, my youngest loves her new school.” He said, then continued to talk to her about his daughter, Tori, as he ran the bath.
Appearing to forget something he walked out of the bathroom to his wallet. Taking out a £50 note, he threw it on the bed. It landed on her back. £50 was the going rate for anal sex. He laughed loudly.

Sarah turned over, got up gingerly and made her way to where her clothes were. He asked, “Do you want me to order you something from the kitchen?” and noticing her reaching for her dress asked,
“What’s going on? Come and get in the bath Jennifer, while we wait for some food.”

Defiantly she dropped the dress and sat down on the sofa. and. She hid her shaking hands, picked up the remote control and started scrolling the menu on the TV.
“I’m feeling cold, I was going to see what was on telly.” She said, sitting back on the silk covered sofa and curling her legs up under her,
“Order me a BLT please and no, I do not want to get in the bath with you. I’ll pamper myself once you leave”. She added, looking at his stomach.

Kevin laughed, picked the phone up and ordered sandwiches from room service. He took the toweling gown from the bathroom and put it over her legs, tucking it around her and told her to listen out for the door.
He saw Jennifer staring at TV and heard sounds of the ten o’clock news rounding off as he stepped into the bath. He didn’t hear as she got dressed, picked up her broken necklace, took the used condom and slipped quietly out the door.

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