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Irrefutable Evidence. J & J Medical TVT Mesh has Migrated Within Me




Unsafe medical practices and increased usage of plastic implants

I’d love to be sitting here telling you about the brilliance of the medical profession and how much I’m looking forward to embracing the great new inventions that are coming to help with our health problems; but I can’t because I’m a survivor victim of pharma and view all they say with cynicism.

Originally I thought they’d changed surgical material from using pig/animal skin, stitches to plastic for political reasons but I’m fed up of arguing that so we’ll go with the excuse ‘it was easier’ and ‘took less time’.

Once I was convinced that the fossil fuel industry were making a ruthless push into the medical market with their plastic products because climate change was forcing their hand but so what if they were?

Essentially, it doesn’t matter, I can’t be saving everyone and now I’m not strong enough to lift a banner for anything, even myself.

I’ve blogged about my TVT mesh battle previously. I was implanted with a ‘Tension free Vaginal Tape’ in 2005 and I immediately complained. It felt incredibly tight across my pubis and bladder was desperate to wee although empty and definately not needing to go for a wee.

Since then, it’s only gotten worse but I’m managing better. In the last sixteen years the NHS have been treating me with intimately invasive and painful procedures whilst refusing to look at the REASON – the implanted TVT plastic tape.

Two years ago I contacted lawyers, not a proud moment, but I was, still am, in pain and was left with zero options. Late last year my lawyer asked me a simple but exceptionally loaded question; It was,

“Have you had a translabial scan?”

I answered immediately and truthfully.

“No. I’ve never heard of a trans labial scan.”

I’m sent for transvaginal scans but not translabial. I spent the next twenty four hours researching the difference. Turns out there is a huge difference but they are performed with same equiptment.

Apologies for putting it crudely, one scan involves using the wand deep inside and the other doesn’t. The one the NHS provides , and has sent me for time and time again is the ‘wand inside’ transvaginal scan. This scan, according to the medical professionals, can not see mesh.

Can you imagine how I felt learning that the scan I’ve been sent for time and time again can’t see the mesh as it’s looking in the wrong place?

So, the week before Christmas I cried and cried. It was bad.

Eventually, I pulled up my big pants and looked privately for a scan and I’ve had it already, I had it before Christmas and it cost so little compared to the years I’ve lost!

The Translabial scan showed that my TVT mesh is in two pieces and crinkled up quite some distance from where it should be.

So, if your surgeon is telling you to have a TVT, and they tell you it’s the gold standard of gynaecological treatment with only a tiny complication rate please remember me and that docs denied this for sixteen years and that I am one of thousands.

If I hadn’t contacted lawyers I would still be being told that it is ‘all in my head’ and that it’s impossible for the plastic to break or migrate from it implanted position…

I’m one of life’s survivors but I’m a long journey from recovery when removal surgery, just the start of the journey, is being denied me.

Thanks for reading.

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