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TVT Mesh Update – journal

The Insult Continues

Yesterday I cried.

I know I cry all the time but yesterday I did it to a speech by Theresa May.

It was during the hearing to look into why the British government has refused to agree with the recommendation of the Baroness Cumberlege report into the Primodos, Sodium Valporate and TVT Mesh hospital/medical scandals called “First do no harm.”

Because Theresa May is right. Nothing has changed. It has now been almost two years since the government apologised, on behalf of our NHS and the Public Health service.

The now gone, Matt Hancock stood there on national TV and declared how sorry he was that thousands of women were used as guinae pigs for pharma and promised to set it straight. Not in so many words but as good as said that.

He said that the NHS would be funded to open ‘mesh complication clinics’, he said that those families affected with badly disabled children because of doctor error would be compensated but still they have not.

The government states that the law is good enough to cope.

But the law doesn’t allow a victim to claim after three years.

If a medical device, designed for life (like the TVT mesh), fails after five years there is no recourse.

If a drug given to you by your doctor while you are pregnant damages your child and you don’t prove it before they are three years old it’s too late to claim from the drug company and there is no means to claim from the doctor directly, even if you suspect discrimination ie they didn’t give it to all the pregnant women in their care.

The governments claim that the law is good enough to cope is being propped up by a new law restricting the amount a victim can claim.

The proposed amount is £25,000. That will be the upper limit.

How much is a child’s life worth?

How much is my life worth?

Nothing has changed…this is shown with the thousands of women, like me, stuck at home, pretty much immobilized by a medical device who still have not had a consultation…being forced towards barbaric scans and other terrible tests which stick wires where you do not want them.

I am currently awaiting a referral (after sixteen runs of the before mentioned tests) to one of the promised ‘mesh complication clinics’. But, it’s been refused by London University College and is going no where. Mean time I’m sat (calling every week) wondering if this will end well.

As time ticks on I feel it isn’t.

I will continue to share and I will continue to better my position in this discriminative, spiteful and cruel country that is and always has been home.

Thanks for reading.

I did attempt to download and save the video but it was pretty impossible and I was unable. Believe me when I tell you that many MPs spoke on behalf of the citizens they represent. This is a big deal.

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