white stockinged legs, black mary jane shoes

Why Do Men Like Stockings?

Is it a generational thing or something more?

Is it still, and will it always be ‘a thing’?

I’m going out on a limb by suggesting that most women have come across this fetish, I’ll go as far as saying it is common. Men like stockings.

I think it’s because they frame the area? Not quite a target but men do like a border don’t they?

Of course, there is the obvious reason, at the top of a stocking theres the desired ‘hot pocket of love’. For both wearer and explorer the desire can only be heightened by a wondering hand discovering the top of the stocking; material disappearing and the sensation of touching warm, inviting, soft, sensual, flesh.

Stockings have historically given way to tights for most modern wearers but stockings and holdups are still extremely popular. Not only are they attractive and sensual, they serve a purpose!

Holdups replaced the need for suspenders…now there is another sexy story!

Nowadays, personally, I’m searching around for compression stockings and support stockings which are toeless…I don’t wear them for men but I know that a flash of my stocking tops raises the temperature of my lover.

So, why it is? Why do men like stockings so much?


  1. I had a very non sexy experience with pull up stockings. Many years ago I was wearing them to the theatre, King Lear, indeed. They were digging into my legs so I pulled them down. The trouble was that at the end of the show they wouldn’t reattach to my thighs. I had to hold them up as I toddled out of the theatre. I couldn’t help myself laugh myself silly since I had wanted to look alluring for my boyfriend, now husband.

    • Thanks for sharing this. It proper made me laugh. It also brought back a childhood memory – me showing off to my sister by holding on to my long socks and running along pretending I was an emu. I’d like to add that I believe your story is sexy as; in part, it hints at your attraction to your man because your willingless to go out of your comfort zone just for him.