More Jewish than English?…my heritage report

I’m happy with the result of my DNA, I’m also surprised. It should be said that when I was younger I was asked if I am jewish but, what does a jew look like?

However, I’m going to argue against this data. I don’t think religion should be included as how can it be an ethnicity? As religion is based mainly on writings from extremely unreliable sources I don’t believe it is admissible and frankly, seems unnecessary.

Who is needing to know how jewish they are? This is almost saying that jewish people should be set apart…but why? They are not special. This is a huge part of my DNA to claiming to belong to a religion.

my heritage report
my heritage report

I realise I cannot argue against the data as such as it’s how the company has laid out it’s DNA database I disagree with but I know I’m fussy.

As I am not jewish, nor is any of my family, I find this statistic odd. Also, this data raises many questions. For example, how Christian am I? And, do I have Islamic in me? Is there any Hindi floating around in my DNA? Could I say that I am 85.1% pagan?

I can trace my family back at least four generations from memory and none were jewish. My unreligious family from the south west of England and London have travelled far, but that is where they originate from.

Lets look again at how the data is presented by

There a grouping for Irish, Scottish and Welsh.

English – which shares the same landmass as the Welsh and Scottish is listed as a separate category. Why would they do this?

Ireland should be separate.

Why is it not presented to me how much Welsh, Scottish and English I am?

Adding the Irish, Welsh and Scottish grouping to the English percentage total equals 33.8% – that is the largest part of my DNA.

I’d say this is British. I can be assured that when I fill out the forms for the council, the government and the NHS healthcare system I’m not lying when I tick White British. And, already amongst my friends the challenge is set.

Who is the most English? hahaha

What do you think?

Do you think the data could have been presented better or am I just racist and this is my right wing demon trying to oust my leftie tendencies?

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