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Revenge is Best Served Cold. Chapter 6. Very Long Read

caution contains adult scenes


Sarah spent the next week looking at her illegally gained information. Researching online, being super careful to use a vpn and remove traces of the search from her personal computer. He clearly didn’t have a big internet presence. His Instagram page was unremarkable with some St. Patrick’s Day posts and a meme featuring gold digging women almost a year old.

There was little for her to find about his wife. Helen had mutual Facebook friends with her husband, although none had appeared to interact with her for over a year. Her Facebook profile was silent other than the odd message asking her to get in touch when she was next around.

She wanted to collect more intelligence on Kevin. His son was now her Ground Rush friend. As a player, she’d send him mana and free troops daily. The mana helped build spells that could be used in battles. Simon and herself didn’t chat often online, but she could see when he was playing and received gifts from him in return for hers.

Exams coming up, she concentrated, but found it hard. Her hours at the hospital meant she was often extremely tired when she sat down to study her eyes grew heavy. She’d barely found any time for her wellbeing and done zero running or boxing for weeks. Her support network from her colleagues and Tomas were ensuring she met her college deadlines but everyday something small was missing.

On Wednesday afternoon, finishing early at work, she persuaded Tomas to drop her down to Manor Farm. She worked out, sparring with another student. Ivor Mac watched her, her rhythm and strength skill had improved, and she had gained confidence. Catching up over coffee, they discussed her the new schedule which, this season, would include less time at the gym as she had little available between study and work.

Afterwards Ivor dropped Sarah back in the top of the High Street. She headed towards Shopping City. She enjoyed shopping when she had time. Mothers with prams pushed their way around the marbled floor, stopping to look in windows and fussing with their children. Elderly bodies shuffled cautiously along trying not to get in the way, clothes hanging.

Claire’s Accessories was a jewellery store. It’s glass front showed a variety of bling. Before the store had become the popular franchise it had been an independent visited by her as a child with her mother. As she pushed open the door and entered, warm air and detergent filled her nose.

The assistant at counter looked up and smiled before continuing to price stock from a cardboard box. Sarah walked around the store browsing. The shop was filled with every kind of decoration for the body. Tattoo stickers, false nails, earrings, bracelets, ankle chains and necklaces, all draped down the walls and over display counters.

The cabinets near the front door held some small silver pieces but there was nothing similar to her necklace. Feeling a little lost, she approached the purpled haired, amine styled assistant at the counter.

“Do you have any of these? ” She asked, holding her broken necklace in her palm of her hand for the assistance to see.

Putting down her pricing gun the girl took the broken pieces. She turned them over in her hands, moving them from one to the other. A pentacle within a circle within a triangle. It was similar to several symbols, but they had nothing the same or of this quality.

“I cannot see a hallmark, but it could still be valuable…” The assistant started.
Sarah interrupted. “It is valuable to me, hun. Sentimental.”
“Aww, okay.” The girl smiled showing her pieced front tooth.
“Sorry, but I don’t think we have. We’ve some which are similar but not the same. I don’t know what this stone is.” Holding it up in the light continuing,
“The finding on the pendant is broken but you could thread chain through the top of the triangle, so you would only need a new chain. There is a precious jewellery shop across the way. Mr. Merkus. He’ll be able to help you with a good chain. You can tell him Michele sent you” laughing, “But I doubt he’ll give you a discount”.
“Thank you” Replied Sarah, smiling, her hand instinctively moving to the bare spot on her throat she left the store.

Coollsons Jewelers had spent decades on Woodgreen Highstreet but moved into the shopping centre when the area had undergone development. The owner had retained the ambient, mothy atmosphere of an old establishment with quality items displayed on red velvet cushions; in gilded glass, in long cabinets lining the floors and walls.

Feeling conscious of herself Sarah was busy adjusting her hair in an ancient ornate mirror as a slim, greyed haired man came quietly from the back of the store and coughed lightly behind her.

“Can I help you?” He asked, in a voice which was higher than unexpected.
“Would you be able to fix or replace this? It’s not hallmarked.”
Solomon Merkus picked up the necklace.

Sitting down on an old leather stool, he studied it thoroughly with his magnifying eye glass before saying,

“It’s not silver. It has some age to it. The circle is platinum, triangle is white gold with hematite corners and the pentacle is inlaid black onyx with a good quality fake diamond, no, I’m mistaken it’s spinel. Do the letters VIR mean something, are they your initials?” Solomon asked, looking up at the young woman, and studying her face.

“It belonged to my mother whose name was Lucy. Honestly, I’d not noticed them.” She replied.

“I believe I may have seen this before, it could be the same, decades ago.” Solomon said as he reached down and pulled trays out from the cabinets, placing them up on the counter, continuing with; “It’s beautifully crafted. I offered good money for it back in the day. The chain. Oh, what a calamity!”

He looked directly at her with his piecing light blue eyes, “The chain is white gold. I can’t fix it. Not invisibly. The purity difference of the metal will show. You’ll be able to see it in such a meticulously clean design.”

Seeing his customer’s puzzled disappointment, he added,
“But, I can help.” Smiling he said, “I can buy the broken chain as scrap and I have some charming chains that will match it.” Indicating the displayed choice laid out on the counter for her to choose from before adding,
“Or… if you want I can try to fix it. Miss…?”
Solomon Merkus looked delighted and surprised.
“You can’t be…Are you Dave’s daughter?”

Sarah told Solomon the sad news. It was a rare day out in Woodgreen when she didn’t meet someone who known her parents. They’d settled in Woodgreen after meeting in Berlin, neither happy to return to their original homes.

Solomon, sensing his customer did not want to discuss the passing of both her parents in the shop, left her to wonder around the store while he weighed and priced out the precious metal before checking the official scrap prices.
He had thought himself a friend of the Cacroft’s and was shaken to hear that they were gone. It was a fact of life, as one got older the news of death was more common than that of marriage and birth.

He held back his questions and purchased the broken chain from her. Helping her to select a suitable replacement, he threaded the pendant and watched her put it on. She’d smiled as he’d given her the cash and left, promising to drop in to see him again. People always said that, but it would be Christmas or Valentines before they did. He put away the display cases and went back out into the back office to his comfy chair and book.

With extra cash in her pocket, Sarah visited the mobile retailer on the high street. This was the shop locals came to get their phones unlocked. It was a small and crowded independent, full up from the floor to the ceiling with phones and accessories. She bought two cheap mobiles with pay-as-you-go sim cards and vouchers for calls.


She could now be a nuisance to Kevin Hargreaves. She started that evening and carried it on during, before and after her night shifts. Calling him at all times, she hid her number, waited for him to answer and then hung up. However, after a few days calling his personal mobile, she got bored and called his hotels.

The power was exhilarating and enjoying the element of control, she called his home, listening, on the line. Mostly a woman picked up and these calls lasted seconds, disconnecting when she couldn’t stop herself from giggling. Her courage disappeared temporarily when Kevin’s inquisitive voice answered,
“Hello?” He’d simply said.
She’d hung up. But just moments later she called him again.
“Hello. Who is this?” He asked impatiently.

Sarah hung up again, and, paranoid, took the phone apart, and relaxed for the evening. She pampered herself with a takeaway supper and a bath. She played Ground Rush and studied before deciding it was late enough to upset him more. Putting the phone back together she laid down on the sofa and made herself comfortable with cushions.

It was almost midnight when she called his land line.

Picking up immediately Kevin started shouting down the phone. Having recognized the number, he was losing patience. Sarah smiled broadly at being able to affect him so easily but stayed silent. He was shouting, listening she put her hand inside her gown and absentmindedly stroked her breasts.

He hung up the phone, realizing no one was responding to his shouting. Then, moments later he called her back. No one answered. Fuming, Kevin tried the number again. She let it ring, making herself a hot chocolate. She ignored once more before deciding to answer. It would use his credit rather than her precious voucher data.

She answered the call with a grunt, a noise as deep as she could, without coughing,
“Who is this?” He asked, firmly and seemingly trying to be patient.

She put him on loudspeaker and rested back on the sofa with the phone balanced on her stomach. Cupping her breasts, she pinched and stroked her nipples to help her release the anxiousness his voice brought. She squeezed her breasts together, massaging them heavily. He was quiet, on the other end of the phone, listening to her.
In a rough, low bass voice, she said,

She continued to stroke her breasts as Kevin went off like a verbal rocket on the other end of the phone. His angry words spilled from the speakers as her hand moved down between her legs. She stroked her clit as she listened to him shouting, making out ‘motherfucker’ and something along the lines of,
‘I’m going to fucking kill you if you don’t fucking stop calling this phone’.

The phone slid down her body and was bounced up and down on her pubis before nestling. She continued playing with herself, aware of the muffled sound of him hanging up and calling again. Answering the call with her buttocks she imagined his head between her legs, his mouth bloody having had his teeth removed and a huge man fucking his arse.

The huge man is staring, lovingly into her eyes and punching Kevin’s back saying,
“Dog, make sure you lick that beautiful cunt properly.”

As Sarah orgasmed, she felt disgusted at her need to use Kevin in her fantasies. Remembering that Kevin had enjoyed pleasuring her was a headfuck. She imagined her foot lifting back and kicking him, hard in the face, but he’d keep trying to taste her giving her a chance to kick him again.

Thinking of the blood running down over his face and into his mouth made her body flush, hot again. OMG, she thought to herself, as she grabbed at her breasts hard with both hands. The phone slid away, falling on the floor, now emitting a constant tone.

The next morning, Sarah nuisance called him again, treating him to some grind music at 7.30am and again at 8.30am before taking the phone apart. Kevin had answered, listened for a bit and then hung up. To Sarah, the whole exercise had been phenomenally successful, she sensed he’d no idea who was calling.

On the way into work the next day Sarah dumped some of the phone in someone’s wheelie bin. Then a few days later the battery went into the bins at the hospital and then she dropped the scratched sim card down the gap between the train and the platform at South Harrow tube station. Regardless of all her cautiousness she felt vulnerable, and guilty.

Also, more than a little freaked out by her own behaviour she craved the intimacy and comfort of Tomas. They met wherever they could and often when he was in the country. Tomas worked out of several hospitals for three different NHS trusts as well as privately. This left him with little time, so they often communicated over skype.

Today they had lunched together and Tomas had offered to drop her for her afternoon run. He used to raise concerns that she was running on her own but knew he was fighting a losing battle. The smell of the woods filled their nostrils as the car door opened and Sarah turned to Tomas to thank him for the lift, but he cut her short, saying,
“yeah, I know, you’ve got it from here. So, I’ll see you dinner tonight?” And turning purposefully to look at her, he put his fingers through his black hair and stared into her with his deep green, glinting eyes.

Sarah smiled, flashed him a flirty look and stretched her legs, one after the other, warming up with lunges before gently running on the spot. Tomas watched her looking fabulous in short nylon 80’s style shorts and a red vest. Her training shoes were black, matching the shiny black shorts perfectly. She could have been filming a sports video.

“Well?” he asked, pretending to be impatient.
“I can’t tonight love, but I can do tomorrow?” Sarah replied before adding, “I would love one of your steaks.”
Tomas laughed. He loved watching her hair bounce around her shoulders as she exercised and responded,
“Steak tomorrow night it is then!”
She turned to blow him a kiss and ran into the forest.

He kept her in sight until the trees swallowed her up then he sat back in the car seat and started the engine. She could run for around an hour sometimes two before returning home and then she would soak in the bath. She was a creature of habit and secrets. When they’d first met, he’d joined her for a run, but she soon was running back around him so they could stay together, and it was fairly obvious his fitness level did not match hers.

On the drive home Tomas thought about the conversation he’d had with his parents. They wanted to meet her. He was hesitant and their concern got him thinking about his emotional security. The problem being that he wasn’t sure how serious Sarah was about him. He loved her. He’d told her and she told him but only ever after he said it. Was this beautiful and very capable woman really in love with him or was he just useful?

He shook his head of his thoughts and put the radio on. He had several hours to get some work done and pick up the food for tomorrow evening. Regardless of what his parents said his life had been better for Sarah being in it. She wasn’t nosey or pushy, which was perfect, and he loved being with her more each time he saw her.

He called work colleagues to arrange to talk about a proposal regarding some government research funding which had become available. It was a contact from a different hospital, and it always took him ages to get through Northwick Park’s switchboard.

Through the trees Sarah saw his car drive away. There were times when the track came close to the road and others when it trailed deeper into the woods. Oxhey Nature Reserve was one of her favorite runs. It was quiet with the occasional horse rider or lone runner like herself. She was glad that Tomas hadn’t wanted to run with her. She needed the thinking time.

It had rained heavily and the pathway was slippery with brown grey mud. She picked her way through the tracks, jumping from one small ledge of grass to another for more grip and prevent her slowing down. The cold air was whipping against her thighs and bramble bushes scratched at her pale skin.
Her arms swung rhythmically at her sides and her breathing steadied as she found her pace on the level before descending down towards Hatch End.

She ran down the wooded hill, passed the enclosed golf course, passed the stud farm horses and into the park which was empty but for a mum with a toddler, playing on the swings. The mother looked at the woman who had emerged from the woods and smiled. Sarah smiled back before running around the outside of the park to Hatch End station. Today she would be getting a train back home rather than running back to Harrow.

The gravel turned under the car as they pulled into the parking bay. Cars were parked in tightly; looking busy. Kestrels club was just outside Heathrow and the planes were close as they flew over, making talking impossible until they were inside. Taking their place in the queue, Sarah dressed in a red, bandage dress and red shoes, turned to her client.

“You look pretty this evening John.” Passing comment on the silk, flowery dress he was wearing; “Do you have a name more fitting for this evening?”

“Thank you Darling. You look fabulous Jennifer, your legs are amazing. I just wish my legs looked like that. I like Josie. Do you think I look like a Josie?”

He smiled, showing his one blackened tooth in an over-crowded mouth. He had lipstick smeared across the front top set and heavy foundation sat in the creases of his face, gathering around the stubble on his chin. She tried not to stare.

“Yes, Josie is lovely. It suits you. It’s beautiful, just like you.”

She took her pink laminated card from her red clutch purse and passed it to the assistant collecting the coats. Looking immaculate as Mistress Jennifer, Sheila, on the door recognized immediately and addressed her accordingly,
“Good evening Mistress. Who is this?”
“This is my slutty girlfriend, Josie.” She said, signing John in as a guest, who blushed brightly.

Sheila, a classy sixty-year-old transexual in a silver sequined dress, hung coats and gave them tickets. Taking them saying,
“Thank you so much.” Mistress Jennifer turned away and clapped three times in sharp succession. “Come on Josie, you’ll never get your arse fucked stood there will you?”

John looked down sheepishly at the floor and shuffled awkwardly in his heels after her as she walked confidently into the drinks area.
“I don’t want my arse fucked.” He said to Sheila, who was trying not to laugh.
“Me neither!” Sheila shouted after him and then turned to the next visitor. “Good evening.”

As John was new to the club Jennifer showed him around. Down at the back of the club was the dark room. This room was so dark nothing could be seen at all. You had no idea who was doing what to who. It was purely sensual.

There was several swing rooms, a dungeon and various dirty video theatre viewing areas, smoking areas, four glass rooms with plastic covered beds, hot tubs and places to get a coffee.

“I’m going for a swim Josie. Why don’t you come and sit on the side?”
She and John had spoken about what he would and wouldn’t do and she knew his hard limits. It was a Wednesday evening which was couples night. There would be few here who would want to take advantage of him. It was her responsibility to use him for her pleasure, earn some money and let him walk around in a safe environment.

“Oh! Mistress, could we? That sounds lovely. Will you swim naked?”
“Of course, naughty, naughty and you will watch me.”

Leaving her clothes at the side of the pool she stepped into the water. She swam, looking up at stars through the glass roof. The crystal-clear water was warm, and the air, hot. Water ran down the insides of the windows from condensation and the heat steamed up the view.

The atmosphere was humid like a rain forest. The streaks of watery condensation lines shaped like trees branching out, surrounded her, fading with their fall. She imagined birds of paradise sounding in the distance as she held her breath and swam back, under water, to her companion.

“Lift up your skirt Josie.” She teased.
“Oh, I shouldn’t, someone might see!” Josie squealed, glowing with happiness and excitement.
“You must. I want to see…” Seductively Sarah pushed her hand up John’s skirt until she felt his silk pants stretched over his hairy cock.

“Oh Josie, you are very excited.” She stroked his thigh before throwing herself back in the water. Her breasts moved and bobbed around in front of him. Her buttocks flashed above the water as she dived.

He pulled up his skirt and grabbed his hard cock. The freedom to masturbate in public was amazing and in women’s clothing was liberating and totally intoxicating. The silk of his dress brushed his forearm as he gently brought himself to orgasm, raptured in the sensation.

She was beautiful. Alexa’s classy style and stable of girls was la crème de la crème. Jennifer’s presence and poise was spectacular, and she’d taken to the Mistress role like a duck to water. Finally, he felt secure, after years of being set up and ripped off by pimps who didn’t understand his fetishes and thought him ‘weird’.

He watched as she pulled herself from the pool, water dribbling, regretfully, away from her body as she walked over to the paper towels to clean him up.

John loved all women. They captivated him. His wife had long grown tired of his insatiable sexual appetite and his interest in her body. He had never been happier than when he was licking her.

Her vagina had given him four beautiful children and, after thirty years, he still craved it. His wife, now content with life and sex once a month, had no idea that her husband paid to lick others.

“Keep an eye on my things, girlfriend.” Mistress Jennifer demanded, waving as she entered the water. “One more length then Josie, I’ll have your tongue.”
John grew harder as his Mistress swam to the steps of the pool and sat on edge opening her legs and stroking her hardened, glistening nipples.

Over the next month Sarah and Tomas met at work in the hospital café whenever he had appointments or sometimes, they’d meet at a restaurant for lunch or dinner if she was at St George’s studying and his patients were in Tooting. She loved talking with Tomas. He cared so much for his patients and spoke with enthusiasm and passion about his work.

They also discussed her career path, the residency that she’d been offered was at Watford General Hospital. They only required a year on accident and emergency, and she almost had that at Harrow, more if her nursing experience could be counted.

As registrar she would earn more and in Watford housing was cheaper than Harrow it could be of real financial benefit. Tomas had returned from Edinburgh and although the study had been productive, the weather and distance didn’t suit him and he missed his support network.

Emotionally, his work with Afghan refugees disturbed him. The use by US and Russian forces of a strange weapon which attacks the nervous system left him reeling. As doctors they relied heavily on each other for support but often they’d go without for fear of burdening one another.

At dinner, cooked at his place in Kensington, he offered to introduce her to some people up north and mentioned his parents. He wasn’t surprised when Sarah politely knocked him back, making it clear she wanted to stay around the London area.

He felt secure when Sarah was about, she was so self assured, they could support each other. But, he could not ask her yet, feeling selfish of his needs, after all she had her career too and maybe she didn’t feel the same.

They fell asleep together and the in morning they made love, Sarah finding it hard to stay in the moment. She was good at going through the motions and was certain Tomas was unaware. He was travelling out to Sweden for a psychology seminar later and she wouldn’t see him for a week. Laying with her head on his chest she quietly said,
“I’ll miss you.” Tomas surprised that he’d be missed, took the opportunity to dig a little,
“Woman, when are you going to celebrate?”

She laughed. But it was true, Sarah had finished her medical exams for the year and found a placement. She pulled at face at him realizing he was right; she could afford to relax. She’d stayed home, studying for months with only Ground Rush and workouts for a social life. It was time to let her hair down.

“I hate it when you are right. Maybe I should book myself a little break down on the coast for a few days. I’ve been meaning to visit Brighton.”
Reaching out towards him she placed her hand on his arm saying,
“In all seriousness I do miss you when you go. I only have a few hours; shall we go and get a coffee and spend some time together outside?” Nodding at the confines of Tomas’s bedroom.

Hand in hand they jumped on a riverboat and crossed over the river to Greenwich and stared at the life going passed and sipped drinks at a wobbly wooden table.

“Would you be offended if I gave you some money in celebration of your graduation and to help towards your little trip away?” Tomas asked.
“Not at all.” She said, crossing her legs and bumping the table. Laughing at the drinks splashing around.

They enjoyed the ambient scene together until it was time for him to leave. Deciding to go shopping Sarah said her goodbyes. She kissed him strongly and thanked him again for the money before leaving him sitting at the side of the canal. Tomas would drive himself to the airport and leave the car there while he was away.

Travelling back into Brent Cross, her first purchase was another cheap phone, sim card and some more phone credit vouchers. Her grant money had come in; added to the money from John and Tomas and selling the chain, she felt flush. Needing to celebrate she bought some strong character heels. Ideal for work, a gorgeous pair of Russel and Bromley shoes.

Bright red, they were highly impractical but stunning to look at. Sarah was sure they would look great with her white lab coat and red tipped stethoscope. She placed them next to her red Primark heels and black pumps in her wardrobe, wondering if she’d ever have the courage to wear them in a hospital setting.

Sarah now had some time, and concentrated on getting familiar with Kevin Hargreaves’ home life. Thinking leg work and a note pad easy to defend, and easy to get rid of, she planned to visit his street. Knowing he worked in so many locations of the country she figured that during the week there was a good chance he wouldn’t be home but Jane would be.

She ran a risk of no one being home, but with a toddler in the family she took a gamble that someone would be. If not, then at least she would see the lay out of his home from the outside. Using the May elections as cover, she put her plan to get more information into action.

Wearing her hooded top and jogging bottoms Sarah got a bus from Harrow to Watford Junction. In the Flag pub, she changed clothes and caught a taxi to The Green Man planning to make the rest of the journey on foot to York Ave.

The Green Man public house was quiet and the walk, from there to Kevin’s, around five thousand meters or so. She walked past another pub called The Prince Regent which, according to a sandwich board outside, had a lunch time stripper. She shook her head and laughed walking past. There were plenty of high-end cars parked in its carpark.

It was not well planned, especially the shoes, which made the walking difficult, if she had to do it again, she would keep on the trainers as she felt the shoes made her too noticeable from the road. She appeared to be walking where no one ever did, the path being nonexistence until she got to Batchworth Lane.

On the uneven track her feet twisted away from her in the undergrowth, and she was rewarded with beeps from the passing cars. It wasn’t quite the inconspicuous entrance she’d imagined. She swore and cursed Kevin.

She’d been careful with her disguise; going for conservative businessperson and was armed with a clip board and briefcase. Making her ‘official look’ complete she wore too much tan, a blonde wig, thick make-up, sunglasses, a black skirt, a white, collared shirt and black, shiny leather Primark court shoes, now scratched.

When she rounded down on York Ave, she had a walk which meant business and the attitude to match. In Sarah’s head she was not herself anymore she was a Conservative Party canvasser determined to get this street away from the Liberal Democrats and back under a conservative controlled council.

The road, off Batchwood Lane, was private and cars were screened on entry. Sarah signed in relief when she saw the wide pathway. Confidently she walked from house to house in the street asking who they voted for this year and who would they be voting for in the next coming election. Kevin Hargreaves lived at number thirteen.

When she got to his house, she knocked and stood waiting. What would she say if Kevin or Simon answered? It was almost 1pm. Her anxiousness made her heartbeat loudly in her chest and beat like a drum around her ears.

A young woman opened the door and Sarah relaxed, pushed forward with her hand, and introduced herself as a canvasser. Smiling and presentable the woman looked around eighteen or nineteen years old. The door was wide open, and Sarah could see that the home was not what she’d expected.

It looked like a show home with a faint smell of vanilla. There were fresh flowers in a vase in the hall. The front garden was immaculately kept, and the house well maintained.

Before long, Sarah knew that the young woman was the householder’s girlfriend and was a retired model, adding that she didn’t need to work now. Jane loved her man, Kevin, and his kids, she used to attend the same school as his son. Jane loved looking after his little girl, cooking and oh, she liked doing the cleaning, said it was just as good as going to the gym.

Sarah and Jane laughed together on the doorstep. Jane stood around half a foot taller than Sarah in her bare feet and was extremely slim. Go figure, thought Sarah, this tosser really does have it all. Looking over the new Silver Toyota GT86 in the drive. Claiming the ‘things she’d had to do’ to get it, would blow Sarah’s mind.

Sarah casually checked through her list of questions on Jane’s schedule and how Jane’s family unit lived by asking about the current leisure facilities and education services in the area.

Although Jane hadn’t given birth to these children, she was, to all sense and purposes was a mum. Most mums, bored of child conversation will, if they can, chat to an available adult. Sarah observed everything about Jane. How she was continually checking her nose, as if trying to hook something that were hanging from it. Her hand popping up and down with every other word in her sentences.

The action drew Sarah’s attention to the tiny, crusty, white powder just inside the darkness of young woman’s left nostril, highlighted by thick foundation, all sitting above bright, red, glossy lips.

Wanting to bring the doorstep encounter to an end Sarah held up her clip board, put her pen to the paper and asked Jane for her husband’s details.
“Oh, he’s not my husband. I’d have to ask him before I give out his number. He’d get angry with me if I did that.” Jane hurriedly closed the door.

Sarah walked away, knocking on the remaining doors, ensuring all had been canvassed, before making her way back down where she had come from and catching the bus back towards Harrow.

On the journey home a plan took shape. The plan was good, there would be no way back for Hargreaves. This plan would ensure that his life would never be the same. Sarah Cacroft wanted him to feel the panic that she’d felt. Only, she wanted him to feel it harder and longer. She would get over what he did. If her plan worked, Kevin would never recover.

At work she became extremely focused. For down time she played Ground rush. She now had Simon’s player in her brotherhood. She didn’t talk with him but noticed he’d asked for mana and assistance in the chat room. Her warriors helped him and his trust was being gained.

She found time to travel down Manor Farm to visit Ivor Mac at the boxing club for a quick workout, and he begged her to come more often. She Facetimed with Tomas while he was abroad.

Sarah figured that for a good plan to work she shouldn’t be on Kevin’s radar at all when it was implemented. Opening her appointment’s diary, she simple wrote ‘K’. When winter came, she would put her plan into action.

The hospital was always busy, it had not been a chore to dig into her work and just be a good junior doctor. The journey between college and home had become habitual and she studied late into the evenings. Her thesis on blood clotting prevention in A & E was well received by her tutors and they all felt, as did she, that Sarah was going to do well.

Her chosen subject was well known with plenty of research material – there had also been several high-level media focused stories. Sarah had the insight of knowing that doctors don’t look for complications. Her paper put forward an interesting theory that the medical profession would do well to provide all inpatients with support stockings, perhaps even prescribing them on the NHS.
Her paper was going to be graded by her peers and the non-practicing doctors at the college.

She had chosen a well understood subject matter. She just needed to show that she understood the mechanics of thrombosis and what care was needed, when, and how treatments were implemented.

At lunch, in the canteen, Sarah Cacroft often sat with other doctors but made a point to also eat with the nurses. Always shy of romantic advances, she kept her head down and wouldn’t attend work social events. Her relationship with Tomas was friendly with benefits but she wasn’t deeply in love.

She shared with Tomas her sadness of losing her parents and the struggle of getting secure after almost losing the family home. She avoided talking about their suicide or her mother’s illness.

It was true that she had almost become homeless. The original tenancy hadn’t been in her name and the council had tried to evict her as a squatter. She told him of a charity called Shelter which had thankfully come to her rescue, attending the court with her until the tenancy was changed.

Tomas took note as this charity could help him with his clients, listening to her he saw a deep sadness and hoped that in some small way he helped.
One evening, whilst out for dinner Tomas and Sarah were sat on a nice table in the bay window, looking out on to a pub garden. It was the first time they had met in real time for a few weeks, Tomas feeling confident asked,

“So, what happened to your face a while back?”

Sarah was always distance and he wondered where he stood with her. Desperate he’d found himself asking his colleagues, who told him that she didn’t mess around on him. It seemed she really was studying when she wasn’t with him.

Sarah knew many things had to be kept to herself. There were plenty of things to share but not one person she could trust to talk to about escorting.

“I started boxing and got put on my arse.” Stated Sarah immediately staring down at the menu. “I’m thinking of a nice juicy steak, what about you?”

Tomas looked at the beautiful strong woman sat opposite him. He realised at that moment he was deeply in love with her. Having himself done some boxing; he knew the injuries one could sustain. However, he felt that for some reason Sarah was protecting him from the truth. One day he hoped to gain her trust and felt she was worth it.

“Of course you are! I’m thinking steak too and then maybe a hot pudding and home for some more intimate dessert? He suggested, raising an eyebrow. Sarah pushed back her hair flashing him a smile.

They headed back to Tomas’ plush apartment and love long into the night, falling asleep in each other’s arms. Sarah was woken by the sound of her phone vibrating. It was 3.10am. Seeing Alexa’s name on the screen quietly creeping out of bed.

She sat on the closed toilet lid, in the bathroom and read the messages.
“Please call me ASAP. I need you. Medical emergency. Private.”
Sarah called Alexa who answered on the second ring tone.
“Thank you so much. I need you here now. It is an emergency; I cannot talk on phone.”
“Okay I’ll get a taxi to you, but you’ll have to cover the charge Alexa, I’ll bring what I have with me, but I’m not at home. Will I need anything special?”
“I’ll send Ted for you.” Then, “I don’t know Sarah, it looks bad, please come quickly.”

Sarah gave Alexa her street name and got dressed to meet the car. Ted messaged that he’d arrived, and Sarah quietly left Tomas’s house. He was sleeping so soundly that he didn’t hear her grabbing his house keys and silently slipping out the back door.

Ted was quiet as they drove across London. He dropped her to Alexa’s house in Bounds Green Road and drove away muttering something about it being none of his business, leaving Sarah standing on the door.

Alexa, watching out the window, opened the door as soon as she saw the car. She put her finger to her lips and led Sarah into the kitchen before speaking,
“Thank goodness you are here. Meet my good friend Stephan Harris. He’s had an accident, hunting…a hunting accident.”

Sarah followed Alexa’s eye line to where a shadow sat, bent over Alexa’s kitchen table. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw a wide man with dark features holding a bloodied towel on his arm, his face worried and pale.
“Okay, Stephan, shall I have a look at it?”

The man looked at her stood in her coat over her pyjamas with bright red shoes. He held out his arm pulling the sleeve of his jacket down and took the towel away, to show a deep, red hole with blackened skin around the rim. Blood oozed out down his arm.

Quickly she reached out and pushed the towel back. He looked into her eyes. She knew that look; it was one of pitiful pain.
“Keep pressure on it.” She said and then turning to Alexa. “Do you have any vodka? We must get the bullet out.”

Alexa nodded and searching quickly through cupboards presented a bottle of Smirnoff. Sarah worked quickly, poured him a shot which he drank instantly.

“Have you got something you can bite down on, as this is going to hurt?”

Alexa passed over a leather strap. Sarah put it in the poor mans mouth before pouring more vodka over the gaping hole. She fished in the hole with a pair of Alexa’s kitchen tongs sterilized with a flame.

Stephan screamed and held tightly to the table with his good hand. He passed out twice. Coming around each time that Sarah went into the wound. It took just over ten minutes to find the bullet. Both Sarah and Stephan were sweating with the effort.

Now making coffee Alexa looked on, worried. Stephan bit down on the leather and Sarah gritted her teeth, forcing the thin metal tongs into the damaged, singed flesh until she eventually made contact. She pulled a 0.38 bullet and placed it on the table. Wiping her forehead and sighing heavily,
“Unusual choice for a rabbit. I’ll get you sewn up. You’ll need a tetanus jab as soon as possible.”
“How?” He said, barely able to lift his eyes to look at her.
“Not sure yet. Give me your number and I’ll let you know when I’ve got one.”

After exchanging numbers Sarah messaged Ted to get her. The sun was coming up as they drank strong coffee and helped Stephan get settled on Alexa’s sofa. Too tired to talk, they sat in silence until they heard the car outside.

Alexa saw her out to the door, to where Ted was waiting to take her back to Kensington, shaking her hand and squeezing Sarah to her, she whispered,
“Thank you, Doc, I owe you one.”

Tomas stirred slightly, as after washing, Sarah crawled back into his bed.


copyright sam J harris 2022

This is chapter six of Revenge is Best Served Cold, book 1 of the snap trilogy featuring Doctor Kay.

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