samantha harris in Big Heart

There’s Little Life Without Song.

Big hearts sing…they must or they’ll burst.

Tuesday evening is Open Mic night at the local pump house theatre. In better days I’d attend with my ex and we’d rock the place out with Pink Floyd, Blondie or The Knack. They were great times, for me, performing live really boosts confidence. Life happened and I wasn’t able to sing again for years.

Well, Tuesday last, 15th February 2022, was the date I broke my dry spell. I sang a ten minute set ‘a capella’ and nailed it. I warbled my way through an awkward start with A Foggy Day, raised the room with Love Me for Who I Am and got others joining in with How Sweet it is.

Obviously being a bit of wet blanket, I then cried my eyes out…this was out of surprise at the cheers and claps I received once finished. Tears must make it hard for people to approach, which makes me appreciate those that did, saying lovely things about my voice.

The Watford Pump House is always an encouraging atmosphere, perfect for those that want to polish their performing skills if starting in a musical career. But, also perfect for many like myself, those that didn’t make it, who for whatever reason don’t have it in them to be professional but love music.

So, regardless of all the rubbishness that is my health, I can ignore that I don’t walk like I used to and cling to my walking cane like it’s a comfort blanket; as long as there are good adult nappies and I can hold a tune, I’ll be fine.

This goes out to those who aren’t free. Those that live in our world without the basics they’re born with. Those walking our planet with soft steps, afraid to upset. This goes out to you, with heartfelt wishes that this changes soon.

Thanks for reading.

me singing at the pump house open mic night